Sunday, February 3, 2008

oh deer

In Northern Virginia, the area we live in, it is almost inevitable that someday, at some point, you will hit a deer. If yesterday couldn't have gotten any worse, my time of impact arrived in a flash.

The day started out perfectly. I woke up on the right side of the earth. Lately it seems as if I've not only awakened on the wrong side of the bed, but the earth too. February 2nd, 2008, started out blissfully.

The boys both had sleepovers, and the great room was filled with not only teenage boys, but a couple of 11 year olds as well.

The plans for the day included me going to Quantico, and on my way I would drop off a couple of BZ's friends. After dropping the first of two off BZ started asking me about replacing cell phones, and how it could be accomplished, say if one was broken or lost. I thought it kind of weird, as it was out of the blue. Well after dropping the second boy off I found out exactly why LB inquired about replacing cell phones. He had lost his.

To shorten this story, the teenage boys snuck out after Big B and I went to bed, leaving the younger two in their wake, promising not to snitch. During their outing that consisted of them hiding when cars would approach on their way into town BZ's phone went missing.

I don't know, isn't there a reason we should follow rules!? So yeah, not a fun thing to deal with: kids breaking rules, and losing expensive equipment.

Then later another of BZ's friends invited him over for the evening. Well after the earlier mishaps he was placed on restriction. He begged, and a deal for restitution was made. He was to call the other four boys, and inform them he'd been busted, we as his parents wouldn't call theirs, but they should do the right thing. Amazingly enough he set out and completed this task. One thing I will say is he is a very lucky person to have the wonderful friends he does. (May sound terribly ironic, if not contradictory...) Enough said to that point.

Fast forward to picking BZ up from his friends house: I once again, agreed to drop one of the other guys at their house on our way home. After doing so we continued on our journey in the land o' Sumerduck (forested areas, winding roads, rural communities, so on. Get the picture?)

Virginia is not a well lit state. At this one point, approaching a church, because it is one of the more luminous areas we could see a deer making it's way toward the very road we were traveling. Oh no! Please don't! BAM! Thud.

Excuse me while a rush of nausea passes over me.

OK, well I'd remembered hearing you should check to see if said deer is still living, so I did and she in fact was. Ugh. So I attempted to call the Sheriff's office to no avail, and proceeded to call 911. Don't fret, in this area although we do have our fair share of emergencies I'm sure I wasn't taking away from too much for "just a deer".

I gave my location, name and number. Because it was left to my discretion , and BZ was in the car with me, and I was incredibly upset, I decided to proceed home. I really couldn't sit there and watch her struggle any longer.

If you know me you know I am an animal lover, and being this was my first, and hopefully only time, hitting a deer I was, still am, affected. It will take a while to get the vision of her head poking up over the ditch that she landed in out of my head.

Another tide of nausea...

This is all not to mention the love for my Chevy. I knew there had to be damage, although in my then current state of denial I so hoped there wouldn't be any. She was a young deer, and on the smaller side. So maybe? Ha! The right passenger side bumper was crushed inward with strands of her coat remaining. Fortunately, Big B was able to pull the crushed in portion out so it doesn't look incredibly as unfortunate as before, but it is indeed cracked, and there is a dent in the adjacent, anterior portion of the body.

Can we say deductible? more nausea...

Sure it's tax season, but we already have a A/C unit to replace....for our house. Yeah, 2007 wasn't the best year. This year sure is starting out with a pun intended.