Tuesday, August 18, 2009

summer's end is near

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Ok, so summer isn't quite over, yet. In five days and a wake up it certainly will be. Gone. Over.

It's on to new beginnings and new adventures.

LB will be a junior in high school, and AW will be an 8th grader. I will begin my second year of nursing school. Big B will be alongside us all as we start and go through this school year. He'll help with homework, and shuttling the boys to their activities. He'll help me. He'll be my shoulder when all I want to do is quit.

This last week will be spent organizing the house for my tolerance during the next semester. I'm even gong to make up a rule chart for the guys to have, so there will be no question as to what is expected of them...all 3 of them! Yesterday I took LB to court to get his official driver's license as is the norm in the state of Virginia. All teens under the age of 18 must attend a court session to attain their license. We've also got to go to the high school to pay fees, buy LB's parking permit and pick up his textbooks. I'm going to go to lunch with some former co-workers. I also need to do the grocery shopping at some point in all of this.

Saturday is Crue Fest. We have six tickets to it, and I was originally going to go. Motley Crue is the only group that will be there that I'm familiar with, and I really just don't feel like hanging around for hours upon hours. I'd rather go out with some friends for a few hours or have a ladies night inn.

I was going to take the boys, and possibly some of their friends, to King's Dominion one of the these days this week. When I said something to LB about it he protested. He finds KD "boring". AW isn't a big roller coaster rider, so he probably could care less himself.

I guess it's just that time of summer when we're all ready to get back to the ole school grind.

5 days and a wake up!