Friday, March 27, 2009

fourth and first

Nope, we're not talking streets, or football for that matter.

Fourth great thing about clinicals this semester: the mentors! I forgot to mention our mentors. A while back we'd heard that we would have mentors during this clinical rotation as something the program was newly instituting. Second year students would be working with us the first two weeks of this rotation to help acclimate us to clinicals. I have to admit I was kind of leary about it because I didn't know how they would treat us. Wednesday we had two, and yesterday one. As with the rest of the experience they couldn't have been nicer! They were all willing to help when we needed help with tasks, or were right there when we needed help with our care plans.

Oddest thing, besides the nerves I woke up feeling (but will get to that in a minute) like I really wanted to be back at clinicals today.

Today was my first nurse externship interview! By the time I left home I was so shaky and nervous I probably looked like I had Parkinson's. Aside from the fact that it was a firing squad type interview with six nursing directors or HR/education nurses, the interview went ok. It took about 40 minutes and they asked questions about teamwork, priorities, and time management, along with the obligatory "what are your strengths and weaknesses?" They'll have their decision made by mid-April. That gives me enough time to go to my interview next Friday.

Both opportunities have their own merits. The hospital I interviewed at today has more units accepting externs than the other one, but it will be shift-work. I don't mind that, but if I don't have to well then.... The other hospital is opposite. They have less units offering positions but it's supposed to be a day shift position. Considering I am taking classes online this summer I think the latter would be best, but will make do with whatever. Of course, it's a matter of being accepted for either position! I hope to be accepted for at least one of them!!