Wednesday, January 21, 2009

what a way to get fired up

Wow, talk about insta-pissed! I was just browsing some other blogs and came across one that will remain unnamed, as I don't wish to point fingers, but I do have to say how sad, and frustrated it made me feel.

We'll start with an example of someone who is not a "fair-weather fan", because this is one of the many things that came screeching into my mind as I read the blog.

When the going gets rough, say for a sports team, people bail. They jump ship all too easily! My husband is not one of these people. He's a Philadelphia sports fan: football, the Eagles; baseball, the Phillies; and hockey, the Flyers. I'm not a big sports person, but admire his tenacity and character for being the kind of person who sticks by through thick and thin. If you know anything about the Philly teams you know that they haven't been the most popular of professional sports teams, and have not had a world championship until this year, when the Phillies won the World Series.

This particular blogger wrote a post on how he/she, after yesterday's inauguration, finally feels that she can fly the American flag.


Times are tough right now in our country. I do not dispute this fact! Many lost faith because our leadership was poor, to say the least. I agree.

How about just simply being proud of being a member of the free world? What about all those who have fought and died for that freedom? What about those who perished September 11th, 2001? What about the marvels of all the good that does happen in this country? Advancement in technology and medicine? Have we forgotten our forefathers? What about the leaps and bounds we've made concerning civil rights?

Did President Obama himself not speak of the future not only being in his hands, but our's as well?

I couldn't wait to return to the United States after living in Europe for four years, just so I could fly the American flag.

Yes, in this free country people have the right to make choices such as to fly or not to fly the Grand Old Flag, but to not fly it because they've lost faith? It symbolizes so much more than that.

I can remember a conversation I had with an Italian whom I lived near, in Italy, and he told me he could look at me and tell I was American. To him I think it was somewhat of a vailed insult.

Damn straight you can tell I'm American, and proud of matter what!