Thursday, August 28, 2008

first week

The first two days of classes went very well, as good as could be expected.

I am already pretty overwhelmed with everything that needs to be accomplished, but will take it all step-by-step and day-by-day.

One of the first assignments for the Intro to Nursing class is to write a short paper on one of several pre-determined books, or films. MASH was one of the film choices, and I was very tempted to write my paper on it.

While in the library today, printing out gazillions of skills checklists, among a few other things, I decided to check out the book choices on reserve for us. I looked at a couple. There are some choices on World War II nursing, and being a WWII buff thought I might lean toward them.

Surprisingly, I found something else that peaked my curiosity, and seemed even more interesting. It's an account, by Suzanne Gordon of three nurses' work. A common theme is the nursing shortage and the undervalued state of nursing as a profession.

I've only gotten through the forward, and am in the preface and am already furher inspired, as well as intrigued.

We only have the books on loan for three days. Because it's a holiday weekend I lucked out and get an extra day. That's still not enough time, and I am positive I will enjoy this book to it's end so I just ordered it! Back to the book!