Sunday, May 10, 2009

sangria y mis amigos

One thing's for sure, I can no longer drink red wine, even if it's just Sangria. Red wine gives me headaches. It's like suffering from a hangover the same night you've been drinking. I had three. They weren't large glasses either. Still I ended up with a same-night hangover by about 8:45 p.m. Guess it'll just be white wine or the hard stuff if I want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage from now on.

There only ended up being 10 of us who showed up. MB brought his wife. We all had a great time rehashing some of the things that irritated us. It's pretty much a consensus, we have one classmate and one instructor that we all find troublesome. As I've taken up saying lately, they're all speed bumps to RN! In the top picture you might notice there are only 8 of us. MB's wife was gracious enough to play photographer, and one of our classmates left before we started the photo shoot. I really wish we'd have started before as I love the classmate who left to death! She was my "roommate". In other words she took care of the resident with whom my resident roomed with at the LTC facility. All in all it ended up being an enjoyable evening and I look forward to getting together over the summer.
This Mother's Day
I don't think being a mother means only the woman who has given birth. Many women are physically unable to bare children. Many choose not to have children. Is this to say they have no maternal instinct? Hardly not.

To all the women out there who know what it feels like to give your heart and soul unconditionally, may you have a blessed day today, and everyday. May those you hold close cherish you always.