Tuesday, December 16, 2008

first semester of nursing school=O-V-E-R!

Ok, so maybe the sun didn't literally come out today, more like drizzly, cold rain.

And maybe I didn't get to revel in my accomplishment of finishing my first semester of nursing school, right after finals were finished, because maybe I was suffering from yet another migraine.

We even went out to lunch after the finals, but by the time we finished I felt like an ice pick was twisting into my brain above my left eye. It was all I could do to arrive home safe and climb into my bed with a cold, damp washcloth on my forehead, after taking my pain reliever.

Now I am feeling much more like celebrating, but am opting for a more sedate type of celebration.

The rest of the evening will be spent relaxing with my family and then tomorrow I will set off my plans in motion...cleaning, shopping, baking, organizing, etc.

Never thought I'd be so happy to be able to clean with no other worries!