Thursday, October 30, 2008

oops, I'm doing it again...

I've battled with the idea of whether or not nursing is right for me. Funny thing is I really can't see myself doing anything else. Earlier this morning I was set off by another blog. I'm not going to link to it because I would feel horrible if she thought she was the cause of my indecision and frustration. She's not, it has been ongoing since I started this semester. Here's a link to one of my previous whine sessions: KLS, Student Nurse: to be or not to be

I was looking at this blog, originally because she is also a SN, and I had never come across hers before. What caught my attention, and got me thinking is her love of home decorating. We have this in common.

There is so much I want. I don't even want to go that in-depth right now...not enough time. But it all has to do with me really just wanting to be able to work right now and bring home a paycheck so I can replace the flooring in my kitchen, or carpet upstairs.

I don't have the time for keeping up the house even as little as I did before. I am grateful to have a husband that is a bit OCD in that area.

Who has the time to even look at a decorating magazine, let alone redecorate your teenager's room, while in nursing school? I sure make time to blog. I think insanity would have finally taken me into her clutching claws long ago if it weren't for my blogging.

I have been going to school off and on, more on than off, for nearly ten years now! In less than 38 days I will take my final final exam with UMUC, and December 30th will "graduate". I'll walk at commencement in May. The point is why am I doing this? Why am I going to school beyond December? I might even benefit from taking some time off. I could find a job somewhere...

Then there's the $500 I still have in scholarship money to be used for Spring semester. I would be inclined to take the Nutrition class that I still lack, as well as A&P II that I'm probably going ot have to take. That doesn't make any sense.

I'm not making any sense, and if you've come this far than thank you.

Well I have to at least finish this semester out, so it's onward with the reading and assignments...

I know this is somewhat insipid. There are so many more important things in life, but it is a matter of happiness.

tortured no more

Phillin Phine in Philadelphia.

So I've caught the bug. Who wouldn't especially being somewhat of a history buff? I watched, along with a zillion others, as history was made last night!

In a world where so much can be depressing this was a sheer moment of joy. If only you could have seen the look on my husband's face.

Big B is heading up to NJ this afternoon. He's from the Trenton area, which I guess you could say is the sister city to the city of "brotherly love." He'll stay at his dad's house tonight, wake up tomorrow morning and set out with his brother to Philly so they watch the parade.

Wish I could go, but the boys have exams today and tomorrow, and I have to study along with completing some assignments.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Brad Lidge after throwing winning pitch,with Carlos Ruiz, photo courtesy of The Charlotte Observer

photo courtesy of Associated Press

Ryan Howard just before dog piling his teammates, photo courtesy of Reuters

Chase Utley celebrating with champagne, photo courtesy of Associated Press

Cole Hamels won 2008 World Series MVP, photo courtesy of Reuters