Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween hams of yesteryear

Decided to take a break from studying, if for no other reason than to let my hands recuperate from the acute onset of writing induced arthritis! Ended up checking out the latest blogs out there and came across Running Wildly's most recent post, "Buzz". Like I mentioned to her, it brought back memories for me. I just have to share photos of those memories. Two are pages from scrapbook pages I did long ago, and the last is two raw photos I stuck together and scanned in.




Yes, my eldest wore his Buzz Lightyear costume three years in a row. Why we kept it around all those years? Who knows! It's the kind of stuff memories are made of!

He didn't grow much during those three years, so it fit! You might notice from the "my own personal pity party" post he's grown a bit. He's fifteen and is somewhat of a human garbage dump!

they call him the Philly Phanatic

Big B returned from his trip to Philly this morning, with tons of photos from the 2008 World Series Champions, Philadelphia Phillies, parade and stadium celebration. I thought I'd share some photos of their mascot, the Philly Phanatic.

These (as well as all the photos I add on here) are taken with my Canon Powershot A720 IS. It's pretty small time I guess, but it's just enough for this sub-amateur photographer and her hubby! We're just learning how to use its more advanced functions.