Saturday, January 10, 2009

the end

I finished the Twilight series just now and am so happy to have jumped on the Twilight bandwagon!

dum duh dum dum dummm

I started reading Breaking Dawn yesterday and only got half-way through it. I decided to bake some cookies for the boys knowing both would be coming home off the bus. Normally LB has baseball conditioning after school, so he doesn't ride the bus home. He did yesterday because he didn't go to conditioning.

The big rival basketball game was last night and he'd made other plans for the afternoon with his friends, for prior to the game.

Back to baking...

I found a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that I've come to like. In the past when I've baked CC cookies they either turn out too flat, or just flop altogether. Long ago I had a cookbook, that has since been lost, probably in one of many military moves, where I had found the best CC cookie recipe. I like mine a little more on the cakier side, with more substance.

Low and behold, right there on the back of the Gold Medal flour bag is the Extraordinary Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that has answered my baking prayers!

I made it a few months ago and loved it. This time I knew I wanted to vamp it up (no pun intended from my latest obsession with Twilight) so I added 2 tsp of baking powder, thinking it would make them more substatial than they already are, and voila! I also added Reeses Peanut Butter chips for some extra added zing.

They turned out scrumptiously! They're definitely substantial, with a crunch when you bite into one. Then they're also chewy.

The dough was very stiff since it might have had more than the 4 cups the recipe called for. I was originally going to double it until I figured out I only had a single batch worth of margarine. I'm not a very precise baker (hence chaos), and just used my 8 cup measuring cup to scoop out the extra 4 cups. Chaos did not erupt with this marvelous baking experience!

My nerves are feeling pretty chaotic, knowing classes start back up this coming Monday!

This is how my schedule will go:
Mondays 9-12 Nur 108 Nursing Concepts and Principles I
Tuesdays 9-11 Nur 136 Principles of Pharmacology, 1-3 Nur 203 Mental Health Nursing
Wednesdays 9-3 Nur 108 Lab

This schedule will go until March 11th, when Wednesdays will change to clinicals at the nursing home from 6:30-12:30, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

One goal I have for this semester is to better use my time during the day for studying, and section my time out at other times to make sure my family is not neglected...or at least I don't hear "Mom, you're always studying!" from AW too often.

I need to read my two chapters for Monday tomorrow, and therefore I need to finish up Breaking Dawn today. I have to admit, aside from the technical errors in writing (Meyer went to Brigham Young University??? and was an English major???)I am loving these books, this one especially!