Tuesday, August 11, 2009

< two weeks

Yes, in less than two weeks we go back to school, we as in LB, AW and me.

We three spent the day on Friday shopping for clothes and supplies. We did well with saving some bucks during the VA Tax Free Holiday. The boys made it pretty easy. I have to say I'm rather appreciative of the fact that they both chose to shop in the same three stores! LB is more of my athlete/jock type kid and AW is the skater boy. He's not so "emo" anymore and is branching away from the all black repertoire of that culture. PacSun, Journeys and Zumiez are all stores that cater to the skater/surfer/snowboarder types.

Really the boys picked out nothing more than jeans and t-shirts. I found it kind of ironic. In previous years LB has wanted to shop at stores like Aeropostale, American Eagle Outfitters, etc. He's worn polos. Not this year. He'll wear polos he already has, but he had not interest in buying new ones. They both also got their regular shoes and LB got a pair of running shoes.

One might wonder why not just go to Walmart or some other discount chain store is all they're going to wear is jeans and t-shirts. Well, if you have teens you may know how picky they can be about branding.


I checked yesterday and it is official, I made a C in my A&P class. Because I expected nothing more I am not totally shocked, but it is my first college C ever. Hopefully it wont be the norm in the next year. If so, at least it will get me where I need to be, which is graduated with my ADN.

I've received all of my textbooks and have started reading my med/surg book. The first chapter has been nothing more than a review of previous material. I've also added the online supplements for my texts to my study folder.

The schedule will leave me with less time to study during the day than I've had in previous semesters. I'll be sitting down with the guys sometime soon and reiterating the whole be prepared for mom to be a frantically studying, sometimes present-but-not-present being. It goes as follows:

Monday: Second Level Principles and Concepts 0900-1200, Essentials of Maternal/Newborn Nursing 1200-1500 (I guess we'll eat lunch while receiving lecture...)
Tuesday: Health Assessment 1000-1200
Wednesday: Clinicals 0645-1445
Thursday: Clinicals 0645-1445
Friday: no class, just study time

As the days go on I get more and more excited. There are little life experiences here and there that remind me of why I want to become a nurse. These experiences lead me to press on with this ambition and help to put my insecurities at bay.