Wednesday, May 20, 2009

powerful medicine

This is a trailer for Fighting for Life, a movie to air on PBS, Memorial Day Weekend.

From the website:

Fighting for Life is a powerful, sobering and emotional feature documentary portrait of American military medicine interweaving three stories:

Military doctors, nurses and medics, working with skill, compassion and dedication amidst the vortex of the Iraq War.

Wounded soldiers and marines reacting with courage, dignity and determination to survive and to heal.

Students at USU, the “West Point” of military medicine, on their journey toward becoming career military physicians.

The film follows 21 year-old Army Specialist Crystal Davis, from Iraq to Germany to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC, as she fights to recover and “bounce back” from the loss of a leg.

The filmmakers had extraordinary access to combat support hospitals in Iraq, medevac flights with wounded soldiers, and military hospitals in Germany and the United States.

so not ready for it

Big B calls and informs LB, who just had to answer the phone, that his grandfather, my father-in-law, is offering to sell us his 2002 Chevy Malibu for LB to have. Wouldn't it be nice to have random cars sitting around that you could just sell off? That's my F-i-L for ya! Although he has his paper license, that affords him the ability to drive once he's eligible (JUNE 12TH) LB is only eligible to drive legally after that date. He's itching to and practically begs to drive...on that paper license....every chance he gets. I am so not ready for JUNE 12TH. In my eyes JUNE 12TH is kindred to a sort of D-Day.

What happened to my babies?

Really? Where did those innocent little boys go? AW stands just about eye-to-eye with me. He'll be going into 8th grade this coming school year (God willing he make it out of the 7th grade.)

Earlier today I was thinking to myself "I just can't wait until the end of this summer....until next May...."

So not ready for it

Sure I'll be graduating nursing school...again God willing...

Next May my babies will be looking forward to their Senior (LB) and Freshman (AW) years in high school.

Hug your babies and savor every little tantrum, scrape, smile, hug, school project (those cute projects stop after elementary school), diaper change, potty training episode, little fingers wrapped around yours, pout, first teeth, first time losing teeth, ring around the rosey, stories before bedtime...cherish it all, because in the blink of an eye it's all but a memory.

My left-hand man/study buddy. He's imparting brain waves toward me to help me learn about the lymphatic system.