Saturday, January 17, 2009

gems aka advice

Happened across another great blog, Not Nurse Ratched where a plethora of nursing school wisdom abounds. Here is a list of things Not Nurse Ratched wished she'd known prior to her first clinical experience.

At Mark on the World you'll find a list of tips to survive your time in an OR clinical.

bit of history

I've mentioned before that I've spent some time in the United States Air Force.

This photo was taken during basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, December 1989-January 1990. My parents visited and we toured San Antonio.

A friend of mine, from the good ole active duty days, whom I still keep in touch with via a couple of social networking sites, directed my attention to a group on Facebook. The group is dedicated to the base we were stationed at in the early 90s, Iraklion Air Station, Crete, Greece. I spent 18 months there.

Don't get too excited, I didn't see much other than the island itself. It was great and everything,but let's just say I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to return to Europe for an even longer stay since then and was then able to do some traveling.

I arrived at IAS in September of 1990, as the troops were heading over to the Persian Gulf. There weren't many options for traveling as Desert Storm heated up. Then afterward too much time was spent living the carefree, young, single life (aka partying) that I did. I worked shiftwork as a medic, so I was working three-on-two-off, two-on-three-off, and so on.

That 18 months, at the time, seemed like one of the longest spans of my life. I was homesick. In retrospect I realize it wasn't but a speck of my existence!

The memories are indelible.

Happy 20th Birthday!

Waiting for an ambulance run...doing a whole lot of nothing, more like!

This photo was from my clinical days at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ, July-August 1990. Just a couple of goofy girls!

Promotion ceremony, pregnant, days before my separation from the USAF

There ya have it! I spent a total of three years in the AF. I met my soulmate while being stationed in Greece, and he's taken me on such wonderful all sorts of exciting places, from Greece, to North Dakota, to a temporary stay in Texas, to Virginia, 4 years in Italy and now back to VA! We have a son who was born in ND, and one who was born in TX. We have pets from all over too! Sandi came back from Italy with us, and DC is from our ND days!