Tuesday, March 3, 2009

this time next week

Next Tuesday we orient to our first clinical site. Yikes!!! I am both nervous and excited, all rolled up into a boundless, near mindless frenzy of energy! This semester we'll be spending six weeks in long term care, working one-on-one with one patient (I'm not too sure I like being limited to one patient, but think there will be opportunities to help where help is needed). The following week we have spring break, and the week after we actually start patient care. I am soooo nervous because aside from the free clinic I volunteered at for two hours this past semester I have not interacted with patients in oh, about ten years!

One thing I am not looking forward to is the insanely ugly uniform we have to wear...pictures sure to follow. After leaving class today I dropped it off at the cleaners to have the patches sewn on. I'd try myself, but decided to go for the straight option. Little did I know it was also the rip off option, at $30 a pop!!! That's the total for three rockers, three rectangulars on two shirts and one lab coat!

This all hinges on passing the dreaded pharmacology final/class. Back to the books...