Wednesday, March 4, 2009

you know you might be a sicko when...'re excited about writing your first care plan...

Today in lab we went over our first clinicals, which was basically a run through of orientation, then we went over care plans and we ran through some nursing diagnoses. It was kind of fun.

Am I sick?

Our care plans seem like they're going to be kind of simple(yes, I realize I very well may be eating those words in the weeks to come.) The Plan is a stapled packet that starts out with demographic info that we need to enter in about our client, and then do a brief write-up on said client, this is followed by a summary of the primary medical diagnoses, after which a table is to be filled out on any applicable treatments, therapies and activities, next is a table on lab/diagnositc studies, next is a table on discharge teaching/planning, several copies are attached of the drug form to be filled out for each drug the client is on, then we are to do our nursing diagnoses. Because this clinical assignment is in LTC we will not be so concerned with discharge teaching/planning, but will write it in as if they were to be discharged hypothetically.

We do not do a formal mental health rotation so we are to do one mental health nursing diagnosis on our client, as well as three medically related nursing diagnoses, all with four interventions/four rationales. Each component will be turned in separately for review. Then in the end we will turn in a typed, final draft for a final grade. This isn't so bad because we have no major papers to do this semester. In Mental Health Nursing we have two minor assignments and that's it besides our unit exams in that class and our Nursing Principles and Concepts class.

One thing I have found out, and am not sure I have mentioned here or not, is we have to write out our drug cards. That isn't so bad, since we only have one patient. Granted that one patient may have twenty drugs. We'll be given our patients on Tuesday and will then have spring break to write up our cards. I'll just copy straight from my Mosby's cards. I'll still get my money's worth.

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