Friday, January 25, 2013


Anyone that knows me knows I hate snow. I have for as long as I can remember. I'm not a winter person and abhor temperatures below 70 degrees F. I can handle the 60s, but not for long periods of time. Give me a warm, sunshiny day any and every day.

That all being said I have to say I'm beyond grateful that I'm mildly disabled during the winter than I would be if it were warm, Springtime in bloom and everyone was outside enjoying the golden rays of the sun. I can only imagine wheeling through the grass on my scooter or via my wheelchair how difficult it would be.

That's one thing for sure, I've gained a deeper perspective of what people with disabilities go through daily. I've worked with people with special needs, but as with many things in life you can't really grasp a concept until you truly grasp it.

This week we've been privy to our first real snow of the season. We got about an inch between Wednesday evening and yesterday and a light dusting today. Living in a cabin, in the trees, it's a whole new experience as you can look out any window and be mystified by the beauty if winter. I still don't like it. If it melted tomorrow I'd be beyond pleased.

AW was home on snow days yesterday and today, so it was nice to have him around. He's been pretty helpful, for the most part. Yesterday he shoveled the driveway. Way to go! We can be doubly thankful since it allowed the propane to be delivered further allowing the heater to kick back in.

I've texted LB nearly every day and he seems to be enjoying his first assignment. He is still in training. When not in training he spends his time hanging out with friends going and doing fun things, goes to the gym and he's been reading some Tom Clancy type books.

This week had been a flurry of activity. Being on the main level has proven to be more enjoyable. Sitting at the dining room table eating with the guys means even more than before. I haven't used the bedside commode since moving up, as the bathroom is pretty centrally located to wherever I might be.

I still get frustrated. Wearing the CAM boot can be bothersome. It's heavy and slips around on my foot. My right knee is still tender and, of course, it's the knee I use on the scooter. I get worn out pretty quickly even using the scooter, but I've slept better all week than I had been. I can't stand on my left foot for long periods because the PF flares up.

Above all, there's much I've taken for granted in my first 41 years. This experience is definitely going to be good for letting me stop to smell the roses.