Monday, July 22, 2013



It's been a while since I last wrote.

A lot has happened.

I'm walking, well limping mostly. My career as a nurse has been affected, since I can't sustain long periods or distances on Mr. Righty. Currently, I'm working PRN in Quality Improvement/Risk Management, which is a RN position. I've applied for a few other positions, some in nursing, some not. I interviewed last week for a position that'll take me out of nursing, but will still have me working with patients. More on that later.


I didn't get the position I interviewed for.  I am still working PRN in QIRM, so I get a few hours in here and there. Just today I got nearly 6 in. It's better than nothing. 

So much else has gone on. 

As I was walking thru Walmart today I noticed it felt like I was walking with a normal gait. I wasn't limping. There are times limping just happens, but then there are other times it's like nothing ever happened. 

My biggest frustration is the weight I've put on. I think it's time to kick things up a notch and push myself to be more consistent with the treadmill and walking the loop our street makes. It's exactly 1 mile. Getting up the driveway afterward can be daunting, but I am able to conquer it. My first goal is to walk the loop 2-3 times a week and walk the treadmill as much. To supplement I should be walking while AW is in his GED prep class. 

The building where it's held is on the campus of the high school and middle school and it can be walked around much like a track or a loop. I'm not sure on the distance, but it has to be better than just sitting on my ass reading the whole time. 

AW, after struggling his whole middle and high school years away decided to go the GED route. This decision also comes along with his becoming a father.

Friday, June 14, 2013

memories in embers

As Black Forest in Colorado Springs, CO burns I can't help but think of my memories from there. 

I'd spend time out on my Aunt Ginny's ranch riding horseback, playing with the other animals and just talking with her. ...hours spent hiking the gatherings... I remember the night of her passing like it was yesterday. 

One of the most terrifyingly brilliant lightening displays I'd ever witnessed happened on one of our drives out to Black Forest. 

Of course, homecoming night, Senior year, much of it was spent in Black Forest. The Peppermint Schnapps, the substation and the look on my mom's face are all indelibly ingrained in my gray matter. 

These are just a few things i remember. It saddens me to think such a beautiful place, beholding so many memories, suffers from the devastating fire that continues to burn. 

Not to fear, the memories burn just as strong. 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

easter on the keaster


This day couldn't be any longer! So I started "walking" this past week. I started using two crutches then worked my way to one and now I rival a good horror flick. I went from a Frankenstein-like gait of only a few steps to a zombie-like shuffle to wherever I need to go.

We have a firepit in our backyard, down the hill from our house. We made our way down last night and after some s'mores, drinks and a few laughs with friends we made our way back up. I thought for sure going back up the hill was going to be a huge challenge, but it wasn't so bad.

That is until today, it wasn't so bad! Aside from a bath, going up and down stairs and cooking dinner I've spent the whole day on the couch.

Really I'm in way better spirits than I had been. I think this newfound mobility has improved my outlook and taken away some of the bitter I felt. People tell me not to overdo it, but no one should waste their breath! My right foot continually lets me know if I've overdone it or not.

Mind you, it's to be expected that there will be some periods of pain. I mean I'd be pissed too if I was carrying around weight that I thought I wasn't going to carry around any longer! Jokes on ole Righty! There's even more weight than before! I don't think there's a lot more as all my clothes still fit...just fit.

As time goes on I'll be able to do more and more, eventually allowing for ass-reduction activity. I'd tried the treadmill right after becoming weight-bearing on Righty again and lasted two whole minutes. Then my physical therapist told me it's probably a good idea to hold off until I'm actually bearing more weight on the foot. That was almost two weeks ago and progress has been made.

Maybe I'll give the treadmill aka Beast another try this week. I do get to take a mommy vacation Wednesday of this week until Monday of next and could always use the treadmill at the hotel. I'll probably be clocking some decent walking time in though, so no need to push it.

I'll be sure to have my supply of ibuprofen stocked up along with finding out where the ice machine is located.

It's all an adventure! Now to put an end to this long day with a good book!

Friday, March 22, 2013

feet n waffles

This is what happens when your foot has had some sort of surgery and it hasn't been elevated for a while. I hear it can happen up to a year post-operatively.

I had a support sock and an ankle brace on. You can see waffling from the sick and pitting from the brace.

It's elevated as I type...

I should probably work on some hydration, too.

Monday, March 18, 2013

angry bones, happy day

Twelve weeks ago my life changed in an instant. It was a day much like today, snow was littering the ground, and when I went across that bridge the ice took me for a wild ride.

I've conquered a fractured ankle, what with "excellent range of motion" at this point.

It hasn't always been easy. My ribs can attest to that, since they still give me some twinges now and again, along with my tailbone.

Nonetheless, I've gone from sleeping with half a dozen pillows just to get comfortable to just sleeping with two for knee and rib support. It is definitely more comfortable that way. A body pillow would be great. I no longer sleep in either of my sons' rooms, but in my own bed; no narcotics for weeks, and I've basically been more comfortable lately.

Struggles have become less frequent. It's hard to not use one of your God-given limbs. Non-weight bearing means no bearing weight on that extremity. Just imagine, when you sit down on the toilet, you use both your legs, both your feet. Try doing it without only one leg. You have to brace yourself with whatever is nearby. Initially you're probably using a walker and then you progress to using a knee-walker. If a sink and a tub are nearby life is so much easier. Using a handicap-equipped stall in a public restroom becomes a luxury.

When you're normally extremely independent and pretty darn self-sufficient having all that taken away can be a tremendous adjustment. If you have friends and family to assist you in the adjustment, it may just be that much easier.

They can wipe your behind when you can't twist to do it on your own, massage your aching and strained muscles, drive you to appointments and just take you on outings to get away from what suddenly seems to be solitary confinement, carry your plate for you, or simply just give you some much needed company and moral support. They get you through each and every day.

Suddenly you no longer want to be a procrastinator.

You know, all that stuff you have lined up to do, but usually you put it off until later. The pub-style table and stools you bought second-hand to refinish, boxes that still need unpacking, the garage that has a plethora of junk to organize, Christmas ornaments you want to go through, the loft/library you want to finish organizing..... The list goes on. It all slaps you in the face when all you have to do is sit, or lie, at home getting the ole R & R.

You don't have time to do anything in the beginning, because pain is >5/10 and you're doped up on narcotics, you're sleeping like a baby - no really, your friends with babies probably wish the babies would sleep as much as you do, all movement is just aggravating. Then as time goes on you manage to regain some independence, but you're still pretty limited. Remember! You can not put that foot down! That ankle must heal! You don't want that talus bone to lose the blood supply! You want it to heal like new!

There's your friends and family, if you're lucky. I have been lucky. They've been there and continue to be here for me.

Just today a dear friend, JG, drove through the icky, sh snowy/drippy weather to drive up my steep driveway and then the hour to and from the doctor's office.

But today was a big day.

I last saw my surgeon six weeks ago and he informed me he would have me bear weight at the next follow-up and that day was today! The radiology tech came and escorted me, crutching it to the imaging room, took three views and then escorted me back to the exam room where Big B was patiently awaiting my return. Then the surgeon came in, reviewed the x-ray, informed us healing was excellent and all systems were a "go".

Now, after all this time you're excited, of course, but you know it's not going to be easy. You've accidentally stepped on that foot...balance is a tricky thing. It was like stepping on hot nails poking upright off a board. That was just a few seconds, kind of like when you touch the hot rack in the oven. Along with excitement you might be feeling a wee bit apprehensive, especially when you really haven't had much pain to speak of in the ankle that was broken in half and fixed twelve weeks ago.

It's recommended - at least by my surgeon, to me, today ("you're young and your healing has been great" - to wear the good ole CAM boot at first. You can bear weight as you tolerate it and progress at your own pace, going from boot with crutches, to one crutch or a cane, to regular shoes, and then no crutches or cane.

Well okey dokey then!

We arranged for the next follow-up, we said goodbye to Big B as he departed to return to work, and JG and I "walked" out. Well, she walked and I crutched it in my CAM boot, slowly, but surely. This was stupendous considering I'd crutched it all the way in, with my lower, right leg lifted behind me all the way.

My right tibia is letting me know it's angry. It thought its job was done, for that matter, so did my right ankle, heel and well, the whole lower portion of my right extremity. It's not-so-bad to where I need to take anything. Elevation helps.

It's funny. Earlier on I'd Googled "talus fracture", and its recovery, and a consistent theme was "life altering". Indeed it has altered my life, as well as the lives of my family and friends, as of late, but it's not been too much of a problem. It's been a challenge. I have and will continue to persevere.

....Wait, that was just twelve weeks ago!? Time flies when you're having fun.

And what in the hell is snow doing on the ground in mid-March.....the last day of winter???

Sunday, March 10, 2013

springing forward

As I sit here in the living room typing I can look outside and see the bare trees, blue sky, birds flying and the brilliant, shining globe in the sky. The light filters into the room allowing the cats to lie in warm, almost glowing spots on the furniture, curled up and content. The dogs are a little more frisky. You can walk outside and breathe in fresh air, electric with Spring.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. I love Spring and I love Summer.

For the past few months I've been stuck in a cold, bitter, almost distant place. I've tried to be kind, especially to those near and dear to me, for they have been my saving grace. Several times a day I have to stop myself from standing up on both my feet. I guess after 40+ years walking without inhibition, it's hard to be restricted. Yet, I have done extremely well. I've been compliant.

I use my scooter to get around here at home. When I go out in public I use crutches, or if the distance is too great, I'll use the wheelchair. My ribs still hurt now and again. My tailbone is still tender, but way less than before. The past few days I've just felt overall better, even into nighttime. Up until a few days ago nighttime was the worst. By 8-9 p.m. my tailbone was painful, my shoulders and arms hurt from lifting myself up. Rolling over in bed was difficult. It's still somewhat chalenging not having both feet to give me leverage.

Mostly, I feel healed.

One week from tomorrow I go back to the surgeon and he'll have me stand bearing weight on my right foot. It'll be a total of three months since I've done so. This is both exciting and nerve-wracking.

There was one morning I'd scooted into the bathroom, went to pivot to sit, went off-balance, and my right foot stepped down. It was like stepping on a bed of nails. (My physical therapist gave me the go-ahead to not wear the CAM boot while at home, and my surgeon had already told me I could go without it to bed at night.)

With physical therapy my right foot has regained a good bit of its range of motion. I have two weeks off, with this week and last, but will start right back up the day after I go to the surgeon. Up until now they've had me on the recumbent stepper for ten minutes as a warm-up, then passive range of motion (the therapist moves the foot in various different ways), followed by strengthening on an archaic contraption using weights, then the BAPS board (a disc that is mounted on a half-sphere, you roll the disc using your foot touching the ground with the perimeter of the disc), and then some other leg exercises. We kind of cane to a stand-still with what could be done, so I was given a break.

I asked what I would be doing once weight-bearing and was informed it would be a whole lotta strengthening of the right foot and leg. I'll be doing the flamingo...a lot.

As for now, I'll just keep swimming...or rather, scooting along.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

just when you think...

...nothing else could possibly go wrong, wham!!

I thought for sure we were at our family quota for MVAs for well, at least six months.

I was wrong.

Last night, just as we had rolled over and started our night's slumber my husband's cell phone rang. I saw the picture of the caller and knew it was our eldest calling from Montana. Then I heard the words no parent ever wants to hear, "I've been in an accident...."

Then I promptly bursted into tears. Now mind you, my current situation leaves me exhausted and very frustrated by bedtime. But yeah, hearing your kid speak those words, especially when they're thousands of miles away, can bring a mom to tears.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

out with the HH

As of today I'm no longer receiving home health services. I was last seen by my HH physical therapist and the nurse came today to discharge me.

Whoa, it's time for the big guns now!

Tomorrow I start outpatient physical therapy. Fortunately, my insurance (finally) approved the referral for me to go to PT at the hospital I work for. It's closer, which is important when depending on others to drive me.

Yesterday my Monday started off rough. No one was here to carry my scooter downstairs after it would be time for me to get up and ready for the day, so Big B took it down when he left for work. This left me with the crutches.

That's not so bad except 1.) it's exhausting when one has to crutch around at any point and for any length of time, 2.) it's even more so exhausting when one has to shower and made basically no preparations the night before, 3.) it's really bad when one falls.

I'd awakened earlier to make sure AW left for school on time (by way of phone calls) and just before returning to my slumber I'd heard something fall, but didn't pay it much mind. Well, after arising for the day I quickly learned it had been a caddy at my bedside that had been holding multiple objects, to include a small flashlight. Not realizing it was there, I neglected to scoot the flashlight out of my way. So I start crutching it and I swear it probably looked like a scene from a cartoon.

Aside from a bruise to my lower right shin, my left buttock and my ego, I'm ok.

I picked myself up, dusted myself off and went on with my day.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

the penthouse

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity. My mom came for a visit, we went for my second follow-up with my surgeon and I finally moved upstairs to my own bedroom.

Yesterday, when my PT came for her last visit she walked into my bedroom and declared it "the penthouse". It is the top floor of my house and I love it. Being back in my own room has provided a feeling of normalcy that's been missing for some time now.

Sure, I've made progress over the past 6-7 weeks, but nothing quite beats your normal living patterns. I never thought I'd ever spend that much time in either of my sons' rooms. The time spent there was bittersweet. It enabled me to get to be a little closer to them, especially AW since he currently lives at home and has made his room his own space.

Going up and down the stairs has been bothersome to my tailbone, which had almost healed. I've also grown a bit accustomed to crutches, but not so much that I use them to go up and down the stairs. My left ankle and foot have enough problems without hopping from stair to stair on them. It's progress.

Progress means change, even if that change means returning to a previous existence.

Change is good.

Friday, February 1, 2013

it's progress!

Today I showered completely by myself and by that I mean not another soul was within my 3 acres, besides my animals. My first several showers after the accident were at the hands of Big B. I could barely move. We made due and he scrubbed me clean every other day. As the weeks have gone on I've been able to do more and more for myself. Once we moved me up to the main level I've pretty much been on my own showering, as long as someone else was in the house, just in case.

The foot looks better than it has all along. The swelling is all but gone. I've removed the steri-strips. They weren't going anywhere on their own since they didn't get much air time. The incision looks great. The scarring is going to be nothing but a faint line eventually.

Most of the bruising I had has vanished. There's a faint remnant of one on my left inner, lower thigh. Besides the ankle incision scar, I'll have three other battle wounds. The one on the back of my left hand, one on my left lower shin and one on my right knee.

As the weeks go by the scars will fade and eventually so will the bad memories. I'll always have the good memories, of love, kindness and tenderness.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

this guy

Everything happens for a reason.

As if we didn't have enough fur, fluff and tummies to feed in our household we welcomed a new one in back in October.

We'd talked about getting a puppy. It would be good for the girls, Sandi and Minnie. Sandi is getting on in the years, at 11 and Minnie will need a companion when the time comes that Sandi is no longer with us. And well, heck we live in a bigger house now and have tons of room in our hearts.

I'd always said, after our first "baby" being a wonderful Golden Retriever, Jack, that we'd end up with at least one more Golden sharing our lives with us.

That being said I was swayed temporarily by some canines of smaller proportions, mainly Shichons. They're a cross between Shih-tzus and Bichon Frise and might I say absolutely adorable! Big B wasn't thrilled with the idea and well, I've always had an affinity for Goldens.

One day back in September I happened to be perusing an online yard sale page on Facebook and there they were, these cute little bundles of golden fluff, piss and vinegar! I was hooked. Originally, I picked one. I knew I wanted a male and preferred darker Goldens. We'd looked at some that were the color of sugar cookies years ago, but Jack was dark. He was almost as dark as Irish Setters. In fact, many times people would mistake him for them.

I contacted the breeder and set up to go that evening to her house to meet the pups. There were a total of 5, 2 females and 3 males, 1 male having been already spoked for. This left the one I originally picked from a cute picture the breeder had posted of the pups in plastic jack o' lantern buckets and with other props.

Big B was willing to go see them, since I'd originally reported they were located not too far south of the town just south of us. Oops. This is now something I'll never live down, since the breeder actually lives about 1.5 hours southwest of us!

Anyway, we went and saw the puppies. There he was with his siblings. He was the bigger of the two remaining males, but lighter. It didn't matter. I fell in love at first sight. After playing with him and loving on him for a bit, we made our down payment and left.

Time wouldn't go fast enough, but finally it was time to go pick him up in mid-October. We picked AW up early from school and made our way to our bundle of fuzz. We let AW pick out his name. Charlie was ours.
We brought him home and immediately introduced him to Sandi and Minnie. Minnie, being the timid dog she is wouldn't go near him. She'd skirt the permieter of any area he was in just to get around him. Sandi fell in love probably just as fast as I did.
He has been such a joy to have around since the moment we brought him home. He's brought some spunk back into Sandi's elderly existence. Minnie and he have since bonded and play for what seems like hours on end. They're like the three best friends anyone could have.
Back when I was in nursing school we had done group projects on alternative medicine modalities. My group chose pet therapy as one of ours. I can say from firsthand experience having my animals around, especially Charlie, has helped me tremendously in my recovery. Not a day goes by where I don't give thanks and just know he was meant to be a part of our family. He rounds out the count to 3 dogs, 3 cats, an aquarium of fish and 1 bearded dragon!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Anyone that knows me knows I hate snow. I have for as long as I can remember. I'm not a winter person and abhor temperatures below 70 degrees F. I can handle the 60s, but not for long periods of time. Give me a warm, sunshiny day any and every day.

That all being said I have to say I'm beyond grateful that I'm mildly disabled during the winter than I would be if it were warm, Springtime in bloom and everyone was outside enjoying the golden rays of the sun. I can only imagine wheeling through the grass on my scooter or via my wheelchair how difficult it would be.

That's one thing for sure, I've gained a deeper perspective of what people with disabilities go through daily. I've worked with people with special needs, but as with many things in life you can't really grasp a concept until you truly grasp it.

This week we've been privy to our first real snow of the season. We got about an inch between Wednesday evening and yesterday and a light dusting today. Living in a cabin, in the trees, it's a whole new experience as you can look out any window and be mystified by the beauty if winter. I still don't like it. If it melted tomorrow I'd be beyond pleased.

AW was home on snow days yesterday and today, so it was nice to have him around. He's been pretty helpful, for the most part. Yesterday he shoveled the driveway. Way to go! We can be doubly thankful since it allowed the propane to be delivered further allowing the heater to kick back in.

I've texted LB nearly every day and he seems to be enjoying his first assignment. He is still in training. When not in training he spends his time hanging out with friends going and doing fun things, goes to the gym and he's been reading some Tom Clancy type books.

This week had been a flurry of activity. Being on the main level has proven to be more enjoyable. Sitting at the dining room table eating with the guys means even more than before. I haven't used the bedside commode since moving up, as the bathroom is pretty centrally located to wherever I might be.

I still get frustrated. Wearing the CAM boot can be bothersome. It's heavy and slips around on my foot. My right knee is still tender and, of course, it's the knee I use on the scooter. I get worn out pretty quickly even using the scooter, but I've slept better all week than I had been. I can't stand on my left foot for long periods because the PF flares up.

Above all, there's much I've taken for granted in my first 41 years. This experience is definitely going to be good for letting me stop to smell the roses.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Well, wait no more. We were supposed to hold off on replacing Magilla, but Big B found her replacement and got a pretty good deal. We didn't go for the Kia Sorento as previously suggested, but will be driving our third Chevy Equinox.

I'm not very eager to get back behind the wheel right now, but going ahead and purchasing a car will give me the incentive to do so, I suppose. It also affords my friend(s) the opportunity to not use their own vehicles when taking me to appointments and such.

My current ride is doing quite the good job of getting me around the second floor of our house..... Did she say "second floor"? Yep, you read it right.

I butt-scooted my way up to the main level of our house! Big B came home from work early on Monday, MLK Day, and gave me the "push" I needed and then proceeded to move all my belongings up from AW's room to LB's room. I never thought I'd spend this much time in either of my sons' rooms. It has greatly improved my outlook since I was going pretty stir-crazy down in the basement. The main level has all the huge windows allowing natural light in and the ability to look out and see the world. That and the fact that the kitchen being on the main level means I can do more for myself. I helped cook dinner last night and even made Rolo Stuffed Sugar Cookies thanks to Pinterest.

This morning I butt-scooted down to the basement to head out for today's appointment with the orthodontist and his chipper crew. I had to retell my story (twice) and endure one of the hygienists persistent squawking about popping wheelies in my wheelchair. After replacing my wires and plugging them in with all purple rubberbands we left and headed out, without popping any wheelies, to Petco and Panera for some lunch. I should be set when the discomfort sets in from getting new wires, thanks to already being on pain meds. I am taking them less frequently and this time I know it's ok, since it's not due to the post-surgical or accident injury pain. I can manage some aches and such with Tylenol. As long as I keep prgressively healing and feeling better, it's all good!

Monday, January 21, 2013

up late

I haven't been able to go to sleep before midnight for about a week now, even when I'm exhausted. The doc switched me from Percocet to Vicodin and the Vicodin does nothing to make me drowsy. Even the Flexeril doesn't help, as far as sleep is concerned, anymore.

In regards to pain control, I'm taking the meds more for the tailbone, plantar fasciitis in my left foot and pulled muscle pain in my right shoulder. The ankle has twinges, stabs, and spasms every once in a while. Sometimes the CAM boot gets uncomfortable and rubs my leg or squeezes my foot the wrong way.

I found some stories online via sports medicine page of others who've had talus fracture and repair. It seems most frequently it's due to horseback riding, snowboarding and jumping. The recoveries were varied as far as personal experience goes. A common trend lies with boredom or cabin fever. I'll attest to the cabin fever causing the doldrums.

It's hard to get comfortable with the tailbone pain. Even sitting in the recliners can be miserable. I'm hoping once I'm getting out more to physical therapy that it'll alleviate the pain in my ass.

Today I've been hungrier than I have been. I keep craving different things, like cinnamon rolls, cookies and yeah, mainly sweet stuff. Heck, the celery with peanut butter just pictured on TV during a commercial looked amazingly yummy. The last thing I want to do is gain weight.

One piece of advice I have is to get in shape. I know it's tougher being that I'm overweight and way out of shape. Recovery from injuries HAS to be easier when your in shape.

On that note, rest is necessary as well so I'm going to attempt sleep.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

my new wheels

I've pretty much decided on the Kia Sorento
as my replacement for Magilla, for when I get back behind the wheel on the open road.

As for now, I'm speeding along via my newest ride, the Drive Steerable Knee Walker aka my "scooter". It's awesome because I can get around without getting as exhausted as I do with the regular walker. I haven't taken it out in public yet, since it still requires a lot of energy. As days go on, I'm stronger, and the ribs are more healed than not, I imagine I'll have way more energy and can endure using my scooter out and about.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

baby steps

I attempted going up the stairs today and made it to the 5th one but my tailbone was in too much pain to go further. I haven't been upstairs in over three weeks, haven't slept in my own bed, next to my husband, nor have I showered in my own shower. As frustrated as I get, as many tears I may shed, I'm lucky to be able to look forward to it all and to feel everything from now til then and after.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

flying high

Being a social person, I love to meet new people and develop new friendships. It's a lot of fun to get to know friends of friends. I'm always willing to try new things.

Recently, a friend suggested going to try out aerial yoga at Vertical Girl Fitness. um, excuse me, but what!? In aerial yoga you hang suspended in a hammock made of a sheet of stretchy fabric and you assume various yoga poses, to include inversions. Pssshhh, no biggie!. Ha! It's a lot harder than one might think!

Anyway, four of us went to try it out. It was a fun night and I got to know Deena, of You can check out our experience via her post, "Flying through the air with the greatest of ease a daring young woman on the flying trapeze… ok so I’m not really young or on a trapeze…"

They've all been back once or twice. I have yet to return, but I'd like to. This can be one of my post-recovery goals.

Other non-traditional modes of exercise are available at VGF as well. I think I'd like to try the pole dancing class. I'll try just about anything, at least once!

Monday, January 14, 2013

broken what?

fractured talus

The leg bone's connected to the....

To be more accurate, the tibia and fibula are connected to the foot by way of the talus bone.

Important much?

Read about this critical bone here.

I personally can't get much further than a few lines before I get queasy...queasy imagining my own healing talus.

Did I mention how lucky I am to have had only one surgery? The surgeon had forewarned us if he went in and the tissue didn't look good he'd have to do the surgery in two parts. The tissue looked good. Shew!!

this boot is not made for walkin'

Today was the day.

X-ray taken night of accident
Well, three weeks ago it all started, almost exactly to the minute. It seems like an eternity, but it's only been three weeks since my accident. Unbelievable.

Anyway, I went for my two week surgical follow-up today. The surgeon only sees patients on Mondays, hence it being more like a three week follow-up.

One of my dear friends, along with her 3-year old, came and picked me up this morning. After gassing up we headed to Eggspectation for breakfast. Then we went to Michael's where I bought a few things to keep me busy while I'm convalescing, to include a coloring project. (You're never too old to color. It's actually a velvet poster you color in with the markers provided.) Also on the agenda is crochet. Yep, I'm going to give crocheting a try. I bought a book, a skein of yarn in "cherry", and a pack of hooks. I now have in my possession a walker, bedside commode, crochet supplies and Rx for stool softeners and cholesterol medicine. I am 41 going on 91.

No, I know many people crochet, young/old, male/female.

I also have my sense of humor still intact.

After Michael's we made the trek up to NOVA (Northern Virginia) and easily found the surgical center. Upon checking in, I was given enough paperwork to make one think they'd end up with a house after filling it all in and signing it. I was called back not too much later. The tech removed soft cast #2 (soft cast #1 had been replaced the other night--1/9/13--during a trip to the ED after having calf pain and being cleared of DVT.) My foot was a little more swollen than that night, but the incision was still just as pristine. Off to radiology I went and my foot was X-rayed.

A resident then came in and she got an earful about my tailbone pain. Then the surgeon came in, advised me they wouldn't be able to do anything for me in regard to my tailbone since there isn't much that can be done even if it was broken. "Continue to use the butt donut and pain meds." The sutures were removed from my foot and steri-strips are now in place. They showed me my X-rays from before and after. I'm to use my CAM boot for the duration of the next nine weeks. Nine weeks of non-weight bearing on the foot.

X-ray taken 1/14/13

Alrighty then.

I'm finally home after a full, exhausting day romping around in a wheelchair. Big B just got home too.

He had to stop and get a few groceries and brought me home a sweet surprise.



suture removal

CAM boot--actually made for walking, except when on non-weight bearing instructions

healed left hand wound

Thursday, January 10, 2013

apple of my eye

Interestingly enough, my trusty iPhone 4S survived the crash seemingly unscathed.

As the days have gone on little things keep popping up, or off, or well, it just has some sort of weird occurrence. Like just now, I was mid-use and suddenly the screen went black. The Apple appeared and just as soon as it happened it powered up as if I'd powered it down.

I didn't realize until yesterday, or the day before, my trusty Society 6 case had sustained its own injury. Right up at the top, left side it's cracked just to the left of the headphone jack to just above the silencer switch. This is frustrating since I'd just replaced the case in late November. I'll have to figure out something to do with the case, once I replace it, since it is so pretty.

As for the phone itself, it may be time to look into switching to the 5. I haven't been too interested in doing so, since it is different in size, it has different charging accessories and I've been happy with the 4S. Maybe I'll just switch to another 4S. We shall see!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

daily routine

Wake up, say a couple curse words as I rise, visit BSC, return to bed, ask for breakfast with coffee, peruse 'net, watch TV, shower every other day, do some leg exercises, peruse 'net, watch TV, reposition 500 times, visit with whomever else may be around, read, play games, nap, ask for lunch, peruse 'net, watch TV, do some leg exercises, peruse 'net, watch TV, read, play games, head out to couch if up to it, reposition 500 times, eat dinner, peruse 'net, watch TV, do some leg exercises, visit with whomever else may be around, peruse 'net, watch TV, read, play games, night time routine, go to bed, wake up...repeat.

I think my hand may be at 95%!!!!! That means I can use it without pain and with full range or motion at 95%!! Along with that, all movement, especially going from lying down to sitting up, has improved and I'm feeling less pain daily! My ribs are still tender and my ankle has been basically pain free with only a few bursts or jolts here and there. Now if my tailbone would just ease up on me...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

on the road again

I did it.

Well, not by myself. Big B helped. Speaking of him helping - I have to give the guy tremendous credit. He has been my angel through this whole ordeal. He's gone way above and beyond the vows.

I told him earlier today I'd like to take a drive....get out of the house. He wanted to return some items friends had left after our latest party. Perfect, what better opportunity to get out of the house for a quick trip.

He gathered a sock & shoe for my left foot, my jacket and poised the car for easy entry. I trucked on over to the garage using the walker, slid into the front seat and away we went. At first my tailbone was sent into its recent sharp tantrums, but after a few minutes the heated seats eased it into submission. We delivered the above-mentioned items, picked up dinner and returned home. I was ready to get back to a more cushioned seat by the time we returned an hour and a half later, but it was so good to get out of the house!

We did go the route of the accident scene and I didn't have any problem with it. I won't be driving myself for a while so it'll be interesting to see how I do the first couple of times out. I'll be honest, the thought makes me nervous.

You know how they say many accidents happen close to home? Try 3-5 minutes from home.

Speaking of angels and dinner, we've been ultimately blessed with some great friends. Meals have been provided and we still have people willing to cook for us. It's especially helpful since I can't go upstairs where the kitchen is yet (not to mention I can't stand on one foot for long periods) and it helps relieve Big B from coming home after work to have to cook dinner and tend to me, along with everything else. I think I'm going to hit AW up to make dinner one of these nights. He's got a couple of dishes under his belt and I can also see if he'd want to follow a recipe.

This is the hand I injured in the accident, a couple days after

healing right a long

scabs are coming off, usually by snagging and then clipping

Friday, January 4, 2013

collateral damage

At the scene of the accident

At the tow lot

Gotta love how the Chevy bow held up

I've been in a few fender benders. As is said, the day after is horrible for feeling the physcial aftereffects. I've never been in such a major accident and I must say feeling the aftereffects NEARLY TWO WEEKS LATER IS TIRESOME!

Granted--I do have broken ribs and they take around 6-8 weeks to heal. I should really give myself a break, but going from 60 to zero in one evening's drive really wears thin. All I can do is sit around, or well, lie around. Sure I can read, watch tv, learn to knit, complete oodles of word searches, and nap....but after a while....

It doesn't help that all that sitting around in nursing school aggravated my tailbone and so now you can add that as a collateral effect of my accident. To sit upright I have to sit with a pillow halfway under each butt cheek, leaned against yet more pillows.

Then there's the plantar fasciitis -- diagnosed earlier in 2012. Of course, I have it in both heels, but karma works in mysterious ways and my left heel is my worst heel for PF, not the right one. I'd told the physical therapist when she was here for a visit the other day that despite all my injuries, I somehow came away with less pain from the PF in my left heel than I'd been experiencing. Duh. Pain meds help with all sources of pain...NOT JUST THE SURGICALLY REPAIRED ANKLE PAIN (non-existent now) and the broken rib pain!!

I am thankful I can feel the pain. I'm not paralyzed and I am alive. Over time the ribs will heal, the heels can be managed, the bruises are healing and the bruised areas are no longer as tender.

With all this time I've spent many an hour reflecting on well, everything. Prior to the accident I'd prayed a lot about being given some time to be able to sit back and make some decisions on where I want to be career-wise.

Be careful what ya wish for...

I haven't come up with much. I do still have a job; that job being the one I last spoke of when I last spoke of my work. I started (not that I ever really stopped) the job search in Spring, to no avail. I've been on a few interviews and it just seems that the perfect job is still lingering, but is ton not be held until later.

So, this time off will give me a chance to gain some perspective. I'd also spoken of returning to school, which is still a goal.

Right now, my priority, aside from my guys and my pets, is to heal.

I'm a work in progress.

I'm being cared for by home health. This has been a great opportunity for scoping out home health in action. I've toyed with the idea of going that route. Physical therapy will be visiting me twice a week. Nursing will see me 1-2 times a week, depending on my lungs. Occupational therapy stopped by yesterday and wrote me off, basically at my request. I don't need much as far as OT is concerned, since I am lucky to have all my faculties in place and don't need to learn how to do my ADLs again. The OT in the hospital gave me enough tips to keep in my arsenal and I always have their number if something else comes up.

This evening has been rough. Right now I'm being held together with ibuprofen and Flexeril. Frustratingly enough, I think I'm coming down with the flu.

Like I said, "a work in progress" and many a construction zone goes through some speed bumps on the path to the finished product.