Thursday, March 19, 2009

too much time on my hands

Honestly, I've done nothing much other than squander away my Spring Break. Sure I've done a little shopping, but as far as being a good little nursing student goes the phrase "not so much" comes to mind. Not so much studying has been done, not so much reading has been done, and all those drug cards (thirteen) I have to do? Not so much. I really do think I do so much better under pressure, like as in when I'm on my schedule. All this free time with not much to do (there's actually tons I could be doing...)during the day to fill it up has left me feeling really unmotivated.

The house (miniscule) and gardens (none) have seen little effort from me as well. It doesn't help that it's been doom-gloomy and chilly. We had some sunshine yesterday, and the big globe of warmth in the sky showed itself for a small while this morning. Now? Just cloudy. I did do some organizing and spring-cleaningish kind of cleaning in my kitchen yesterday. We've been keeping our breads in a basket, uncovered on our counter tops. Part of the incentive to my cleaning was to reorganize how our breads are kept, along with the surrounding area. Why? Because the cat, DC, jumps up on the counter and steals it all. You name it, he gets it, Vienna rolls, bought fresh from Wegman's, loaves of bread, and bagels even. They're always in their plastic bags but he shreds into them with his little feline teeth and then nibbles away!

My solution? Considering we don't have a large pantry, I have to come up with some creative, yet unconventional solutions in my decore and home-organization. After getting the cabinets and such cleaned out that I wanted to, I headed off to shop for my solution for the breads, and also a storage container for our disposable plates, bowls, forks, etc. All that stuff has been scattered here and there, and now it's neat and tidy tucked away in a storage container.This is a much better way for us to keep our breads away from DC's filthy paws. You don't know how many times we've come downstairs to find bags of various breads scattered across the kitchen and dining room floors. Luckily we have our two CanineHoovers to help clean up the crumbs! Not to mention, it's much neater looking.

I found our new bread basket at HomeGoods. The little, white wire shelf needs to be secured into the basket and it will be perfect!

Ahh well, I guess I better go do something, some studying...something to be the good little nursing student...