Tuesday, June 9, 2009


satisfies you!

Ok, usually I title my posts by the first thing that comes to mind in context of what I'm posting. Before I get to that reason, this time, the second thing that came to mind, was well the Snickers candy bar catch phrase.

I never proclaimed complete normalcy. If you wanted one word from me of self-description it would be "quirky".

So onto the real reason for this post.

Yesterday, I had to laugh (hence, "snickers") when the OBGYN office that I'm visiting next week called to reschedule my appointment for an earlier time.

Them: We need to reschedule you because Dr. SoandSo has an emergency c-section scheduled for that time.

Me: Emergency? Next week? (Thinking to myself, wondering how big of an emergency was a c-section that was scheduled one week away). Ok, what time can I come in?

Them: We have 9:45, 10:30...

Call me quirky, call me what you want, but I'd like to know when the definition of "emergency" changed? I thought an emergency c-section entailed mom and/or baby crashing, baby's heart rate decelerating, or whatever was happening that made the situation urgent and necessary to rush into surgery STAT!