Saturday, June 27, 2009

can't even blame the dogs

Really, you can't because it has nothing to do with dogs for the most part.

Lately when I 've been working in my gardens I've noticed patches of odd looking stuff. When I spray them with the hose nozzle a brown smokish substance emits from them. I figured they were some sort of mold or fungus. Come to find out it's what is called "dog vomit fungus". The patches aren't really a type of fungus, they are a type of slime mold. It's is more accurately called "dog vomit slime mold".

I am happy to learn it is harmless, if not scarey and will go away on its own. I'll probably still play with any patches I come across and spray them into oblivion.

You can see me spraying in the second photo, the glob of dog vomit slime mold the brown smokish stuff which is actually spores. Then the last photo is the end product that will hopefully just go away.