Friday, December 5, 2008

100th post and a reason to celebrate!!!!!!!

Drum roll please!

I did it! My FINAL final exam with UMUC is over and done with. Sadly, I didn't do as well on it as I would have liked, but I just couldn't focus!

no longer pissin', more like achin'

Yeah, so little studying has been done today for tonight's exam.

The family and I had to go to the nearest Air Force base to attain our retired-military IDs...hubby retired way back in August. So it only took 4 months!

I felt it coming on as we were sitting there, while I'm trying to read my study stuff. This is not to mention the ruckus Satan and Lucifer (LB and AW in fight naughty mode) are causing a ruckus, the hubby is choosing to be the less mature parent and chimes in on the antics, The View ia playing on the set in the waiting area.

satan, taking self-photo for his myspace

Luckily it didn't get really bad until just before we arrived home...3 hours later.

lucifer, aka "emo-kid", just imagine the hair stick-straight

Migraines suck. I tried lying down for a bit. The hubby went down south to the Hampton Roads area to spend time with a friend who is leaving for Iraq on Tuesday, for a year. This left Satan, Lucifer, and mom-with-migraine. They really weren't bad, just not as considerate as people are as, say, when they're in the next state.

The front door opened and shut multiple times, the dogs jumped on and off my bed, the phone rang, and the boys spoke, moved around, and well, um, breathed.

Did I mention the times they intruded upon my resting spot?

My head feels better now...somewhat. I dread the drive. See, I have to drive about an hour to a community college where my exam is proctored. This is because to get to any campus for my university it takes longer than an hour, so I opt for the proctored, closer choice.

I suppose I better go fix the mutants some dinner and read up a bit on the ole psychology!

pissin' in my britches!

Tonight at 7 p.m. I take my last final exam with my university for my B.S. in Psychology! That's all I can say for now...too excited for anything else!