Thursday, March 12, 2009

the simple things

Both boys ended up crashing over at friends' houses last night, which left me to my own devices today. I had my game plan laid out for my retail therapy, and off I went.

The first stop was Wegman's grocery store. I picked up some rolls and cole slaw fixin's to round off the meal of comfort food I have planned for this evening. On the menu is roast beef I had in the crock-pot all day yesterday. It was intended to be consumed for dinner, but with all the running around our family did, we weren't able to sit down for a meal together, at all yesterday. Meanwhile the roast roasted away all day! When I went to take it out of the crock-pot to package it up it fell apart, that's how tender and juicy it was! Tonight I'm warming it up with some BBQ sauce and serving it on the rolls fresh from Wegman's bakery.

Next stop was Ross. I'm not one to spend tons of money on myself, so I'll opt to buy my clothing at discount stores. I found myself a new purse--love it! Bought a few simple knit tops, as I'm all about comfort and basic wash and wear, most of the time. My biggest purchase was a new dress. It wasn't that expensive though, but it was a necessary purchase. The high school booster club is putting on a dance at the end of the month, to raise money for the school's sports programs. Big B and I are attending thanks to our local American Legion, where he is a member and I am supposed to become a member. The American Legion supports the schools. One of the booster club members told me that it's not a formal event by any means, some people dress casual. But heck! I'm calling it a date and I'm wearing a dress! It's simple, nothing formal, or even semi-formal, by far....but a dress saves me from putting together a pants outfit.

From Ross I went, grabbed a bite to eat, and received a call from one of my classmates. She told me the pharm grades had been posted. Here I am stranded about 25 minutes from home! Oh well, trudge on with therapy! The original reason I set out was to go to DSW as I'd found two pairs of sandals online that I liked, and was hoping to find them in the store. I'm so glad that the first part of the day was successful otherwise I'd have been irritated! Neither pair was in the store, oh well-will just have to order them!

What goes up, (me going north to shop) must come down (me coming home, going south). It was a nice relaxing trip out to the retail world. Aside from not finding my shoes at DSW, the rest of the time was splendid indeed!

Almost forgot to mention, I got an A in pharmacology!!! 91 on the final.