Wednesday, October 22, 2008

not a fashion statement

Next semester we start our clinicals. Our class of twenty will be split into three groups, and we'll be going to one of two nursing homes. Two groups will go to one of the nursing homes, and the other group will go to the other home.

I haven't ordered my uniforms yet. Was just browsing online, and am hating what we are being forced to wear. I don't mind scrubs at all, but come on...the ugliest ones available? Puh-lease! Shoot me now! Do they not know that tapered pants went out a long time ago!? Skinny jeans are one thing...but tapered scrubs? And only certain body styles should even wear skinny jeans, and that would not be my voluptuous, hippy curves!

The top is to be white, and so is the jacket. The pants will be khaki.

Cry with me.