Thursday, October 23, 2008

holy cannoli!

No, I'm not really talking about the delicious Italian dessert.

How can anyone be excited about anything other than the Phillies are in the World Series!?

Yes, if you really know me you know that is some sort of BS line.


That's not only the degree I'm finishing, but it is also my husband's initials. Haha, you probably thought it meant cow poo.

Nope, the hubs loves those Phillies.

This year, upon seeing some of the finer strengths of the Philadelphia Phillies, I've sort of stepped on the bandwagon too. How could a girl not, with all that there is to admire?

Really now, my hubs is the eternal "tortured Philly fan." Philadelphia sports fans are nothing if not loyal.

Let's just say it has been a long time since any one of their teams has won a season title. They've come close, even in recent years-but no cigar!

It's almost a poetic justice as the Phillies are playing Tampa Bay in the 2008 World Series, after the Eagles lost to TB in the 2003 Super Bowl, which was apparently a close game and a truly devastating loss. I wouldn't know, didn't really care. I'm sure I quietly tiptoed around the house for days after the loss, because Big B was most assuredly grumpy.

So the next few nights, while the World Series plays out, as the tension mounts, will hopefully culminate in a win and Philly will be tortured no more.