Wednesday, February 3, 2010


For the first time ever in my household, we have an even number of females to males.

The loss of DC started a long time before his death. As anyone knows who has had, or has an aging animal, they are often not as frisky as they used to be. The elderly feline won't run spastically through the house in a burst of sudden energy. He won't come lie by your side for a night's rest like he used to. He prefers to stay on the main level and ride out his last months in a sort of solitary confinement.

To be honest I hadn't even missed the spastic runs through the house until I was out visiting my brother in CO this past summer and his young cat went lickety-split as if its tail had been lit on fire.

I did miss him snuggling beside me on the bed.

It would stand to reason I would seek out a new furever friend sooner than later. I know me and I know I haven't lived without feline companionship for more than 3 years in my whole life.

It was a lot easier to talk Big B into inviting a new cat into the house than I ever imagined it would be. He had tried to refuse before we actually set out this past Sunday for lunner (lunch + dinner) out as a family. We had been snowed in Saturday, so the guys weren't able to take me out for my birthday. I picked a place knowing there would be a Petsmart nearby. We went in after dining on crab legs at Joe's Crab Shack, but to no avail. They didn't have a cat that I fell for. Fortunately, for me there was another Petsmart on the way home, and Big B willingly sped over to the right-hand lane to make the exit.

I originally intended on finding a small kitten to call my own, but then thought better of it considering our dogs. The second Petsmart had a litter of 7 month old kittens that had just come in the day before, but they were incredibly spooked. Before the kittens, I had first noticed this chubby, one year old white/black/tan tabby who played with me through the plexiglass. Her face was just too sweet to leave behind. I had the attendant bring her into the little cat-meeting area and I fell in love.

Meet Snooki

Girl power...She's warming up to everyone nicely and even cuddles with Sandi. That's a first, no cat in our house has ever had much of anything to do with the dogs, let alone getting that close to them!