Wednesday, January 28, 2009's cold outside

It seems the whole country is experiencing frigid temps this week. Here in Virginia we haven't been spared of any chill, or precipitation for that matter.

The boys were off school Monday and Tuesday for teacher work days, and then we had a snow day yesterday, thus no school, no classes. Today we're all home because of ice. When I say "we're all home" that's actually not entirely true. What's meant is Big B, AW and I are home. But we're all off school or work because of the ice. LB just happens to have spent the past two nights at a friend's house.

I'm going to be spending the greater portion of the next few days studying for two tests. One is the Mental Health Nursing exam we were supposed to have taken yesterday, and the other is regularly scheduled for Monday.

The latter will cover oxygenation, circulation, fluids & electrolytes, acid-base balances, and urinary & bowel elimination. The instructor told us it would be fifty questions evenly distributed amongst the different chapters.

Today we're missing lab. I'm wondering how it will be handled considering the Thursday lab group will most likely have their time tomorrow as I don't think we're in for anymore weather this week.

Tomorrow a friend has asked me to take her to the airport as she's leaving for a few months. I'll drive her up and drop her off after we've had lunch. Then it'll be right back to the books upon my return home.

I know why I've been in a funk the past few days and why I let the negative message a friend sent get to me, even though I came out of it temporarily last night.

Friday's my birthday. I'm not upset like some people get, because they're getting older. What upsets me is, for years now I've been the one in our house who puts her heart into celebrations for everyone. I do it because I love seeing my sons and husband happy. I'm human though and it's nice to be appreciated and receive reciprocation in kind, and well when it doesn't happen it causes morale to take a nose-dive. It's become a pattern over the years.

The hubby's not one for Valentines Day either. Being the romantic I am, I love any opportunity to celebrate love, birthdays, and anything special.

Last week while at Quantico I made a new friend. Come to find out her birthday is also the 30th! How wild is that!? She's turning two years older, and for her this year it's the big 4-0.

We're planning to go see New in Town and go out to dinner after the movie.

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands!