Monday, January 14, 2013

broken what?

fractured talus

The leg bone's connected to the....

To be more accurate, the tibia and fibula are connected to the foot by way of the talus bone.

Important much?

Read about this critical bone here.

I personally can't get much further than a few lines before I get queasy...queasy imagining my own healing talus.

Did I mention how lucky I am to have had only one surgery? The surgeon had forewarned us if he went in and the tissue didn't look good he'd have to do the surgery in two parts. The tissue looked good. Shew!!

this boot is not made for walkin'

Today was the day.

X-ray taken night of accident
Well, three weeks ago it all started, almost exactly to the minute. It seems like an eternity, but it's only been three weeks since my accident. Unbelievable.

Anyway, I went for my two week surgical follow-up today. The surgeon only sees patients on Mondays, hence it being more like a three week follow-up.

One of my dear friends, along with her 3-year old, came and picked me up this morning. After gassing up we headed to Eggspectation for breakfast. Then we went to Michael's where I bought a few things to keep me busy while I'm convalescing, to include a coloring project. (You're never too old to color. It's actually a velvet poster you color in with the markers provided.) Also on the agenda is crochet. Yep, I'm going to give crocheting a try. I bought a book, a skein of yarn in "cherry", and a pack of hooks. I now have in my possession a walker, bedside commode, crochet supplies and Rx for stool softeners and cholesterol medicine. I am 41 going on 91.

No, I know many people crochet, young/old, male/female.

I also have my sense of humor still intact.

After Michael's we made the trek up to NOVA (Northern Virginia) and easily found the surgical center. Upon checking in, I was given enough paperwork to make one think they'd end up with a house after filling it all in and signing it. I was called back not too much later. The tech removed soft cast #2 (soft cast #1 had been replaced the other night--1/9/13--during a trip to the ED after having calf pain and being cleared of DVT.) My foot was a little more swollen than that night, but the incision was still just as pristine. Off to radiology I went and my foot was X-rayed.

A resident then came in and she got an earful about my tailbone pain. Then the surgeon came in, advised me they wouldn't be able to do anything for me in regard to my tailbone since there isn't much that can be done even if it was broken. "Continue to use the butt donut and pain meds." The sutures were removed from my foot and steri-strips are now in place. They showed me my X-rays from before and after. I'm to use my CAM boot for the duration of the next nine weeks. Nine weeks of non-weight bearing on the foot.

X-ray taken 1/14/13

Alrighty then.

I'm finally home after a full, exhausting day romping around in a wheelchair. Big B just got home too.

He had to stop and get a few groceries and brought me home a sweet surprise.



suture removal

CAM boot--actually made for walking, except when on non-weight bearing instructions

healed left hand wound