Friday, June 14, 2013

memories in embers

As Black Forest in Colorado Springs, CO burns I can't help but think of my memories from there. 

I'd spend time out on my Aunt Ginny's ranch riding horseback, playing with the other animals and just talking with her. ...hours spent hiking the gatherings... I remember the night of her passing like it was yesterday. 

One of the most terrifyingly brilliant lightening displays I'd ever witnessed happened on one of our drives out to Black Forest. 

Of course, homecoming night, Senior year, much of it was spent in Black Forest. The Peppermint Schnapps, the substation and the look on my mom's face are all indelibly ingrained in my gray matter. 

These are just a few things i remember. It saddens me to think such a beautiful place, beholding so many memories, suffers from the devastating fire that continues to burn. 

Not to fear, the memories burn just as strong.