Friday, December 19, 2008

ever feel like an alien?

I feel so much better as of yesterday afternoon, after taking my first dose of Nexium. Interestingly enough and this is going into TMI territory, and hopefully I'm not repeating something I've already said, but anyway-somewhat coincidentally, I accidentally started my quarterly (I take Quasense, a generic of Seasonale) on Monday, the same day the abd pain had started. I say accidentally because I somehow (maybe amidst the stress of studying for finals???) forgot to take 4 of my BCPs last week! Oopsy!

Along with yesterday's first dose of Nexium I also stopped menstruating. Back in 1992 I was diagnosed as having had endometriosis, post exploratory laparoscopy. I ended up pregnant with my now 15 y/o soon after and haven't suffered from endometriosis since.

I have my ultrasound this morning. I don't think it's likely that they'll find anything. I think it's either acid/nerves related...or maybe endometriosis sneaking back up on me. I did start my pills right back up from where I left off and my actual menses is supposed to be this coming week. If it is endometriosis then in theory I would most likely go through this pain again, next week. Merry Christmas to me.

Let's just hope it's acid/nerves related.

Nonetheless I am feeling tons better, like my normal self and now I can finally enjoy this holiday season.

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