About Moi

Order and chaos evolve through my life in sort of a cyclic manner, ebbing and flowing at different rates. Sometimes there's seamless order and other times there's extreme moments of chaos.

April 2015---Time flies when you're having tons of fun!
I have transitioned from a floor nurse to doing hospice. It's been the most fulfilling work I've done to date! I did a year as a case manager with a for-profit hospice and have just recently started with a non-profit as an admissions nurse! I look forward to admitting a lot of people who are embarking on life's biggest journey. If that doesn't keep me busy enough, I also started my MSN in nursing education this past October.

January 2013- re-entry into blogosphere

July 2010-Transition to KLS,RN
Things have most certainly worked out. I finished school this past May, took NCLEX July 9th and passed. I've been applying like a madwoman at several jobs, even some non-RN jobs. I finally landed an opportunity when a former classmate called me to work at the peds office he's full-time at. I'm loving the job, but am not entirely sure it's where I want to stay long-term.

It's great to be done with school (for now) and being able to spend more quality time with my family.

~August 2008-Entry into the world of a nursing student
Knowing everything always works out I try not to worry. With a little faith it's true-things usually do work out. After many years of proudly standing by my husband, who retired from the US Air Force after 21 years of service, August 2008, I know I've come into my own and it is time for things to finally work out to my goals and ambitions. I live each day striving to be a better mother to the two young men I call my sons. I scrapbook, garden, read, walk, blog. For many years I've worked at my higher education. This is my journey on the path to becoming a registered nurse. Take a walk with me.

August 26, 2008, I started nursing school with 19 other nurse-wanna-bes at the local community college, in the ADN-RN program. With a whole lot of hard work, some prayers, and some luck, we plan to graduate May 2010!

Here I tell our story... embellishing it with tales of my life and times living with 5 boys and 3 other girls. In case you're wondering that would be my husband-Big B, and our two teenage sons -LB or BZ, and AW, our two female Labrador Retrievers-Sandi and Minnie, 1 male cat- Jasper; 1 female cat- Snooki; and a male bearded dragon-Irwin.

Yes, I'm tired...a lot!