Wednesday, December 17, 2008 a loss

I went to the the local urgent care today and saw a FNP. She did the usual assessment, ran some labwork, and I left with no idea why I'm having my abdominal pain. Of course the pain was worse since my abdomen had been palpated. She did write a Rx for a free 7-day supply of Nexium, suspecting it may be acid related. She also referred me out for an abdominal ultrasound. This means I get to drive all over God's country to go get poked and prodded some more. When I first called they told me it had to be a bladder full procedure. I had to call back because my order had yet to be faxed over and at that point I was told it is to be a fasting procedure. I'll take empty stomach over full bladder anyday!

drum roll...peas and carrots

lice and laisins. My Grandma Goldie used to say that when I'd say "please" by saying "peas and carrots". Ahh, memories!

The results are in, and I get to move onto next semester's edition of Nursing Student. This is being thought to the voice of Ryan Seacrest, as he announces results on American Idol.

Yep, the self-diagnosed adult-onset ADHD is in full swing. Too bad I still, in all actuality, feel crummy. This time it's not my's mah belly! What was that guys name on Austin Powers? Oh, yeah "Fat Bastard." Anyway!

I woke up with abdominal pain on Monday, and by that evening it felt better. It hasn't totally gone away, so today I'm headed over to the urgent care center to find out what is standing in my way of being fully energetic and getting some things done 'round this joint!

Oh, yes! I almost forgot to tell you my grades! I got an A in my Nur100-Intro class and a B in Nur105-Basic Nursing Skills! Not a bad way to end the semester considering I would've been happy with Cs! I do have to say the 105 grade is slightly perturbing. An A in my program is a 92 or above. I got a 91.4. Grimmace.

I also must add we're losing two of our classmates. One we knew about. She's preggers and will be having her baby in the next couple of weeks. So she'll take the year off and then start up next Spring. The other is being hit by the almighty $$$...or lack thereof I suppose. If I had a million dollars...