Thursday, January 22, 2009

photo tag! play along!

I'm procrastinating like nobody's business. Should be studying for my Mental Health Nsng exam on Tuesday, but am traveling Blogworld instead! Ever feel like your own worst enemy?

I think the college burn-out goes far deeper than anyone might suspect.

Anyway! That'll have to wait for another blog post!

Jen over at Reflections in the Window was tagged and I thought it would be fun to play along!

To play you go to your photo files, choose the fourth file, and then choose the fourth photo in that file and tell it's story. Easy! and fun!

essence of AW

This is a self-portrait of AW. He must have been fooling around with my camera (without my knowledge) and decided he needed a new Myspace photo. I love it, though. It's a bit abstract, and is just AW.

Jen had a great suggestion. Rather than tagging anyone directly she left it open for anyone to play along as they wished.

Consider yourself tagged and tell us a photo story!

with gratitude

First off, I divulged the fact that I blog yesterday in lab. I was still mad upon arrival that I had to vent out loud.

Must stop or will get mad again...


I would like to thank Undergrad RN for her wonderful blogosphere. Here I've been posting the items or blogs that I come across offering great info and all along I could have been adding for easy reference to my sidebar...and that's what socialization in the profession is all about! Thanks Undergrad RN!

Today I have to go grocery shopping and on the way stop by a uniform shop I've located via the 'net to check out their scrubs supply, oh, and their shoes. I'm hoping they have shoes so I can try some on. It's a must for me to buy some decent quality shoes since I have bad hips and feet...and I'm going into nursing? Go figure!

A friend who has a sister who is an OR nurse recommends MBT, but if you know them you know they're $$$$, and if not go take a look!

After the shopping's done it's back to the books. We have our first exam in Nur203-Mental Health Nursing, on Tuesday. This psych-major-gone-nursing-student isn't taking anything for granted!