Thursday, January 29, 2009

aiding and abetting

Yesterday I made reference to the fact that today I had to take someone to the airport. This someone is a neighbor/friend who left her husband, for a man she met at my house last year during Big B's retirement party. I drove her to the airport in her car, so upon arriving back in the 'hood I had to park it in her driveway.

I was hoping to avoid her husband, with whom my husband and I are also friends. He gets home early during the day, but I was arriving earlier then he normally does so I thought I was golden...until I turned the corner.

On the way home I had stopped at a grocery store to pick up milk, eggs and bread, and had to pull them from the back of the car to drag them across the street. Knowing he was home I intended to knock on the door and let him know I'd returned safely with his vehicle, but by the time I'd pulled the stuff out of the back he'd already come outside.

I couldn't feel any shittier than I already do at this time.

It doesn't help that I'm the one that got the ball rolling on this love affair.

She'd asked Big B for his phone number and Big B pretty much refused to give it to her. Then she comes along to dumbass me, and being the gullible nimrod that I am I gave it to her!


Now I must go refocus on my studies...wouldn't you know I'm concentrating on the heart today.