Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i can see for miles and miles and...

I've made my appointments for the otolaryngologist (ENT), OBGYN and gastroenterology and I must say, along with the traveling involved with American Legion baseball (yep, that's started up now), I am going to be seeing many, many miles over the next month!

June 8th, I see the ENT, in case I've caught you unaware, for my lump in throat feeling I've been experiencing for nearly 3 months now. According to Mapquest, it will take me an hour and 3 minutes to travel the 48.74 miles from home.

June 15th, I see the OBGYN, to get my OCPs/menstrual migraines/PMS under control. This trip will take 42 minutes, with a distance of 34 miles.

June 23rd, (if the ENT can't figure it out) I'll be seeing the GI doc. Thirty minutes, 24 miles.