Saturday, May 2, 2009

a peace of morning

This morning I awakened to a house filled with mostly silence, with close to nothing making any noise. This is remarkable because, right now, as I type, there are 5 boys lying within my humble abode, ranging in age from twelve to sixteen. We can't forget the furry creatures. Minnie is sitting on the ottoman by the window, not three feet away from me, just looking out the window. DC is slinking around as only cats can. Sandi is taking one of many morning snoozes on the living room couch. As usual Jasper's outside. Now that the weather's warmed up a bit he can oftentimes be found sleeping on the porch swing out front. Viva, our nocturnal, little hamster is very likely also asleep. Our scaley friend Irwin? Good question. I should check on him and turn his light on for the day.

Big B is in Richmond for the day for the CROWN ROYAL Presents The Russ Friedman 400 at the Richmond International Raceway. Later on two of the twelve year olds will depart, and even later than that I will put on my hat as family taxi-driver and take the two 16 year olds to a friend's house to crash. I'll be left with AW and will somehow have to find a way to entertain him.

Right now, at this early hour, I should really be outside throwing around somemore mulch, and probably will head out there in a few. The rest of the weekend will be spent studying. For several days now I've been posting a countdown on my Facebook status, counting down to the end of my first year of nursing school. Oh, what a feeling that is to know it's now just down to three days!

I just wanted to take a few minutes and breathe, and to acknowledge my peaceful surroundings. From outside I can hear a bird screeching off in the distance, the breeze as it blows softly and the foliage swaying against its slight force, the wind chimes tinkling every so often as the breeze catches them just right, and the dogs scurrying around once something peaks their curiosity. Mostly it's quiet.

My reverie has been halted as the girls have decided now is the time for Deathmatch 200. Time to get busy, it's only three more days until I become a second year nursing student!