Tuesday, December 30, 2008

random in december

I was foolin' around with my Canon Powershot the other day and took a bunch of random photos.

This is the half moon window in my great room. Loved the view of the clouds.
Here we have DC. He's 14 y/o now and has hyperthyroidism. He doesn't let it get him down.

I thought this was interesting. It's just some decorative swirly stuff I have in a vase. Makes for an interesting, and abstract photo. Just the way I like them!

These are just a few of the close-ups I took of Irwin. I love how crisp they are.

rocked my world

Yesterday I ended up experiencing firsthand what it must feel like to be raped. OK, that may be a little dramatic, so maybe we'll downgrade the melodrama to a claim of emotional assault.

Our bank account was drained by a little over $300 without my consent. The assailant was my 12 year old music fiend. Originally I thought it was both the boys, but no it was just AW. BZ was cleared after checking his ITunes account.

AW racked up around $345 in charges for songs, videos, games and movies on ITunes.

I can see where this would not be hard to do.

He did redeem himself with the visible remorse you could see on his sweet face, and the attention he paid to doing things normally against his usual repertoire. For example he usually has to be begged to put his dinner dishes into the dishwasher. Not last night!

There wasn't much the poor boy could do, but hand over what he had left of his Christmas money. That was about $50.

It didn't look like ITunes was going to do anything to help the matter, until today when I checked and apparently they're refunding $295 of the charges!!

Now I feel a little better. And the boy may live. We were going to let him anyway. This just makes it easier.