Friday, November 21, 2008

Come on tough are from Colorado!

That's what an old friend just said to me on my Facebook, in reply to what I wrote as my status message, "Kirsten learned sitting at a high school football game in 30 degree weather is NO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ummm...maybe my blood has thinned in my old age?

As if! I am only 37. Have been saying that a lot lately.

But yeah, sitting in 30 degree weather is just not for me! Even back in my Colorado days it wasn't. I have skiid one half day in my life. I was plowed into by an old man on the bunny slopes, and that was it for me! I went and slept in the car whilst everyone else mastered the blues? and greens? or was it blacks? of Monarch...whateva!

The three years in North Dakota didn't serve me well either. -70 degrees Fahrenheit, snowed in on Christmas day. Yeah, how romantic. Gag! That's about when you want to get out!

I was wearing thermal underwear, two shirts under a sweatshirt, under a coat, with a really thick, cable-knit beanie, scarf and gloves, two pairs of socks, and my warmest shoes...and I was still freezing!

A polar bear I am not!

thanks to you four!

Thanks Tiffany, PJ, Maggie and Drofen for telling me about your nursing schools!

It dawned on me I hadn't shared my information for everyone to read, so here goes:

If you have a BSN, ADN, LPN (or are working towards)?

ADN, but will most likely go on for the BSN, at least

Your biggest hurdle in school?

the transition of my program has been very frustrating

Year you graduated/will graduate?

May '10

For those in school:

What classes do you take in your first semester, and how many days a week do you attend?

Nur 100, Introduction to Nursing
Nur 105, Basic Skills, lecture
Nur 105, Basic Skills, lab

Next semester:
classes start January 12 and end May 8
NUR 108, Nursing Principles & Concepts I
NUR 136, Principles of Pharmacology I
NUR 203, Intro to Mental Health Nursing
Skills lab

When do you start clinicals?

We go to clinicals starting our second semester, at the nursing home in March/April

I'd still love to hear from more people! Don't be shy!