Monday, August 3, 2009

today's the day

Today is the day I get to put summer semester to rest, once and for all. I will no longer have any other classes I have to take, except for the required nursing courses.

Do you know how good that feels to say that!?

Today's going to be a cinch. I'm actually looking forward to it, as I get to ride along with someone who is practicing on an advanced degree, and she's a friend to boot! She does not function in a patient care role as a RN, but rather works as a case manager between insurance companies and physicians. It's sure to be interesting, and will fill my service learning project requirement all at the same time. Tonight I'll write up my report on the experience, click submit and voila! Summer semester o-v-e-r.

Then the fun really begins. I have a lot to do to get things in order for the fall semester and the start of the second year of nursing school. As usual, while bogged down with classes, the house has been neglected. Big B does help out a lot, but our definitions of clean are a bit different.

Our bedroom needs to be torn apart and completely overhauled as far as cleanliness goes. I also need to go through our kitchen and get rid of a bunch of dishes we no longer need to keep around, as we've just bought new plates and bowls. We've been wanting square plates for a while, and finally found some we liked through Pfaltzgraff. Sadly, the first shipment came in pieces, and I don't mean the separate pieces that plates and bowls make up. I mean broken, shattered, into bits and pieces. You know the kind, the kind that are good for mosaics. We're hoping round two will afford us the complete set of plates and bowls we ordered. There were a few pieces that each made it in one piece, so we'll actually have extras. I'm not one for cookie-cutter type matching. So I opted to go with two different patterns. The dinner plates and bowls are "Nuance of Sage" and the salad plates are "Parisian Fruits". The dinner plates seem a little smaller than I'd really wanted them to be but it turns out they're only smaller than round dinner plates considering the rounded edges. Our first ever dinnerware came from Pfaltzgraff, thanks to bridal registries, and they lasted forever. Our most recent (Walmart) dinnerware, not so much.

I've received all of my textbooks for fall and my schedule. Somehow I don't think we'll have the opportunity to check out the syllabi for our classes until the first day of class. In an effort to give the benefit of the doubt, I will email the instructor to be sure. One would think there would be some sort of second year orientation so that syllabi could be handed out, clinical groups and location(s) could be assigned, and all the stuff that shouldn't take up instruction time could be handled. Who am I to question the practices of a nursing program though!?


Ahh, well. I better go get ready for my day...wouldn't want to mess it all up by not filling this requirement, now would I!?