Friday, November 13, 2009

wham bam thank ya ma'am!

I have some great news concerning my nursing program. It appears that our discussion with our instructor paid off and they will be making changes! The changes will be taking place next semester even! They're working it out so that one of the primary RNs on the floor will make the patient assignments, and we'll be given 2 patients. It is gong to be based on readiness, so they're taking that into account, which I think is great. It's awesome when you take part in effecting change that is for the positive.

In other news we finished our med/surg rotation. Our care plans were due Wednesday and the instructor grades them the night they're due. (We still haven't received our graded care plans from the previous rotation--in fact no one has, even from the beginning of the semester. That's really the only downside to that particular instructor. It's easy to swallow though considering what you gain from her. You don't mind waiting for your care plan, at least not so much.) I did swimmingly well on both my care plan and my evaluation, with 99s on both. I would have gotten a 100 % on my care plan except I left out past surgical history. I really can't remember there being any and in going over the paperwork I had didn't find any, but I didn't state that either. Oh well, one point isn't going to send me into respiratory alkalosis or anything.

Four weeks until finals!!

It's so unbelievable how it feels to be able to say that and to know that unless I really F things up between now and then I'll survive what is our hardest semester!

Next week we start our OB/newborn rotation. My whole group is incredibly excited to get our hands on those babies. We know it's not always fun though. One of our classmates witnessed a fetal demise the other day, and sadly he knew the family. I've been waiting all semester for this, because it is one area I've felt a draw toward. So, I am full of anticipation for experience as a whole.