Monday, June 15, 2009

ring around the posey

Today I had my visit with the OBGYN, we'll call him Dr. B. First let me say it was kind of odd, because in the military OBGYN clinics/offices I've been to children are not allowed, but today moms strolled in with their wee ones in tow.


I sat there reading about the nervous system, you know that unit, the one I'll be lucky to test out of with a C! Then it was my turn and Dr. B took me back and I proceeded to fill him in on my woes of late. Long story, short: he's prescribed Ambien CR and NuvaRing, which I inserted and now I wont be taking OCPs. He gave it to me to insert on my own and then returned. He gloved his left hand telling me his left hand was for his GYN patients and his right is for his OB patients. Why yes, you better use your left hand then!!! Dr. B also wrote an order for a FSH test, so after my blood was drawn I promptly paid my co-pay and skeedaddled.

I'm quite proud to say I headed straight home. This might not seem to be quite a big deal, but let me fill you in on why it really is. Dr. B's office is amidst every store you could possibly want to spend money in, and I didn't want to spend money, so I left the area PDQ! It only took a little bit of effort.

I also wanted to share our latest addition to our backyard landscaping. It's coming along slowly, but surely. The mulch pile on the driveway still exists, but it is getting smaller. We planted in one side and Big B mulched it to his heart's contentment. The other side still has a couple of open spots, so it has yet to be completed with mulch. Big B was quite proud of his mulching job, as it was his first time throwing the woody bits. He did a mighty fine job!

The day lillies, salvia, achillea, coneflower and jacob's ladder were all brought around from the front yard, so they're in shock, and will hopefully make it through the transplant process ok. The larger day lillies are the ones that look the worst, although the salvia are just lying on the dirt rather than standing tall and proud as usual. I can't wait for the crape myrtle to bloom as it is a beautiful color, called "dynamite"! It's a brilliant, firecracker red.

Ho hum. It's time I get back to working on that C! The exam this time is in two parts. One is for lecture and the other is for lab. The lab exam is nothing more than labeling, which sounds easy, until you remember you are not that nervous system savvy! You know, there are some systems you get and some you don't get as much!

I did get approval for my community college to proctor my exams for A&P, so I don't have to drive up north, which wastes a lot of time. The exams are this Thursday. Wish me luck! Cs get the degrees! C=RN!