Sunday, November 2, 2008

must reads

No, really. I must read these.

Who else reads these? I'm kind of interested in seeing what other nursing schools required texts are, especially what kind of NCLEX program you use. We use ATI, and I've received bad reviews of it from fellow students or recent grads. This photo is of the Fundamentals module...there are many more to be read in subsequent semesters.

It's true what they say about nursing school. You'll eat it, breathe it, sleep it, and read until you feel like your eyes might bleed.

Back to the books!

in true goober form


I will not tell a lie. BZ is still a goober after all these years. He went from wearing a Buzz costume three years in a row, to trying out a ladybug costume while terrorizing a Toys R Us one day!


OK, so I gave birth to not only one, but two goobers. These are of Alec, when he and Big B went to Bull Run Battlefield a while back.

Explains a lot, eh?