Sunday, November 2, 2008

must reads

No, really. I must read these.

Who else reads these? I'm kind of interested in seeing what other nursing schools required texts are, especially what kind of NCLEX program you use. We use ATI, and I've received bad reviews of it from fellow students or recent grads. This photo is of the Fundamentals module...there are many more to be read in subsequent semesters.

It's true what they say about nursing school. You'll eat it, breathe it, sleep it, and read until you feel like your eyes might bleed.

Back to the books!


Drofen said...

That reminds me, I've got some Pharmacology to read today.


andreacarbie said...

We use ATI as well. I didn't utilize the resource last year when we did the Fundamentals module; they told us it didn't count against us therefore I turned my ears off to anything that had to do with it. Haha. But now the OB and Peds books have been really helpful for class-test reviews, and the NCLEX-style questions are pretty good. They have explanations at the end of each one, which makes it a good learning tool, at least to me.

Kirsten S said...

That's what I'm finding so far, is that a lot of it is reinforcing what we've already far. We don't do pharm until second semester, so I don't understand how they can expect us to test on it, via ATI. My program has some glitches, because we had a huge instructor turnover just before school started this semester! lovely!

running wildly said...

You read in the first year.....and then when you hit second year you realize there's no point in reading because they go over all the "relevant" material in class. Truly, don't waste your breath.
But in the mean time, I have some awesomely sharp pencils sitting here just *waiting* to be poked into some unsuspecting eyes. Any takers? No charge.