Tuesday, July 14, 2009

twenty-four and some hair bands

Wow, I've been neglectful of my blog lately, and of other's blogs as well. I guess it is summertime and we're all off doing summery type things.


Nope, not me. Oh, LB is for sure. He's off with a friend in Ocean City, MD this week. AW had the pleasure of spending the day at the lake on Sunday. Big B even went to Florida the other week. He texted me a photo of his feet in the surf. I called him a not-so-nice name. I mean, how mean can someone be!? WHile I am left at home taking care of his children, driving them all over God's green earth, tending to our farm of pets, the house and my studies...

Oh, but please wait. My time is coming.

The 24th of this month I am taking my first ever mommy vacation. As I've mentioned previously it is my 20th high school reunion at the end of this month and I'm leaving...the...boys...for...the first time ever!

Today I had my ENT follow-up, this time with a physician rather than a PA. He didn't do anything more than the PA did. In other words he did the nasolaryngoscope and then proceeded to tell me he'd like me to come in for one of his colleagues to perform the TNE (transnasal esophagoscopy) at a later time. Um, excuse me. I have already driven over 100 miles for you people to do the same thing...twice! He also thinks it is GERD, but not acid induced, more likely one of the other gastric juices. He was also talking about referring me to the Virginia Heartburn Institute, or something to that effect.

Screech...wait just a minute!

I expediently informed him about my upcoming appointment tomorrow with the GI doc.

Now we're just going to wait and see what they (the GI docs) have to say and go from there.

Have I mentiioned I have an exam this Friday? for A&P? No? Yes! It's on the urinary system and fluids & electrolytes.


Can we say "deja vu"? Didn't I just study those same subjects last semester in nursing school? Why yes, I did. Thank Heavens, because this week is hectic with doctor's appointments. You probably already got that, though.

So yes, I'm looking forward to the 24th of this month for my mommy vacation as I make my way out west to visit with old friends and family. Although it isn't the first time I've travelled by myself ever, it is since I've gotten married and given birth.

The 24th of next month leaves more to be desired. Well, it is the first day of school for the boys. That's exciting as they start their Junior and 8th gradde years.


Excuse me while I recover from a sudden tidal-like wave of nausea.

August 24th I, and my classmates, embark on our second year of nursing school.

I feel green all of a sudden, and not with envy. Today I got the tuition email reminder. I still need to purchase my textbooks. And the ATI fees. Have I told you about that!? They're going up from about $83 a semester to $191 a semester. I'm still hoping it's a flub-up by our director and she has it confused, and it is actually $191 for both the Fall and Spring semesters.

There goes the green, as in dollars. Cha ching!

On to more pleasant experiences...

Big B has been identified as 60% disabled (that may not seem pleasant until you are the person who is labeled as such and receive the pay afforded one for those disabilities). Since it's been an ongoing case that had to be approved he has been backpaid money owed to him from the VA (Veteran's Administration). We get to take a family vacation this year because of this. This is especially welcomed because we didn't really get to do anything last year, since he'd just retired and started a new [civilian] job. We have tons of friends around here who get to "go to the beach" which usually means the Outer Banks of NC. I almost had us going there, but Big B brought up the fact that his brother had a week available at his beach house in Wildwood, NJ, so we're going up there for a week! We get to go to the Doo Wop District and go on the Doo Wop Experience!!! The guys may not be too thrilled, but they can just go along for me.

This past Sunday Big B and I went and saw Cheap Trick, Poison and Def Leppard in concert. It was great. I'm really not a big concert goer. In fact I can probably count on both hands how many concerts I've been to. The three bands were all pretty good. I'd say Poison was my favorite, but that opinion is rooted in nostalgia. It was my sophomore year and I loved....l-o-v-e-d them. Bret Michaels did mention and show gratitude for 22 years of fan love. Cheap Trick was pretty good, and I don't know if it was the fact that by the time Def Leppard came on that I was tired, or what, but I just wasn't as excited or thrilled anymore. My fun meter had been pegged I guess. I've always had pretty eclectic tastes in music. If you've followed my blog for long you probably can agree. We've gone from Prince, to Martina McBride and now a bunch of hair bands.

Here are some photos from Sundays concert: