Thursday, September 25, 2008

it's ladies night

Went and saw Menopause the Musical last night in DC. Hilarious! They took songs we all know, well most us anyway, and remade them to fit the menopause theme. Like "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", of which many may remember from The Lion King (a weemawop a weemawop, in the jungle, the mighty jungle...) has been changed to "My Husband Sleeps Tonight". They changed “My Guy” into "My Thighs" and the lyrics go something like:“No matter what I eat, it’s always cellulite, on my thighs,” or "Nothing you could say, cuz they're stuck like glue, my thighs." I would recommend it to any woman, especially one in her late 30s and beyond!

I forgot to mention the other day that we also received our first assignments back from the dean, complete with a grade...I am proud to say I received a 49/50. Some others weren't so lucky. Our school website reports not only the grades, but the averages for the grades for the whole class. The average for that paper was 43! I'm willing to help those who might need help writing, or even with APA format. That's what is going to get us all through the next two years is teamwork!

Speaking of school I have tons to be doing, rather than typing this...but it's so much fun! Procrastinator extraordinaire? Easily distractable? Yep!

Aww well. We have our first quiz for the psych class I'm taking for my BS, better git 'r done! Have I mentioned I graduate in December...with that degree!?! Yeah, still, um, what, about 20 months (God willing) till we graduate from nursing school. Who's counting!