Sunday, January 15, 2012

ouisa boudreaux

Everything was going along just fine. That is until I ran out of my levothyroxine. Had my uterus and all its paraphernalia yanked along with it back in October. Since then not a hotflash to be had or a bitchy word to expel unto any victim. Then I had to go and run out of those eensy-weensy little pills. Ever hear "nurses make the worst patients"? I do nothing to dispel that theory.

I am well on my way to being slapped like Ouisa Boudreaux.

Have no idea what in the hell I'm talking about? Well, what is your major malfunction? Youth? A penis? Live under a rock?

Ouisa Boudreaux is Shirley MacLaine's character in Steel Magnolias. If you still have no idea, may I suggest this nifty little thing called Google, and then Netflix.

Ouisa Boudreaux is grumpy. At times, she is downright bitchy, hence being slapped by one of her best friends.


I refilled my Rx of levothryroxine today in hopes of not being slapped any time soon. I really hope that these mild, little heat spells I've had recently, totaling about 2-3, and the major outrage of PMS-like bitchiness are due to my inability to stay on top of my refills and not the dreaded "m" word. Let's not get into the situational crap going on in my reality...