Tuesday, February 17, 2009

eggs in one basket

Does anyone else feel like time is flying by way too quickly? I sure do!

The MH exam went okay today, meaning I think I did relatively well. It's so very frustrating because the instructor does not use NCLEX test bank questions, she makes her own questions up. As with every test there were a few that many of my classmates and I found troubling. Many of us left a little disgruntled, because many times we've found it's her way or no way. I will admit there have been a few questions we've argued for, for whatever reason, and she's seen the point, and dropped the question. Enough about that!

Prior to the test a human resources rep, and two nurses from our local hospital came to talk to us about their new and improved externship program. In years past nurse externs have been little more than CNAs. This new HR rep is revamping their program and it sounds awesome! First off, they will be selecting 5 candidates, and only 5. In the past they've hired more. They're emphasizing education in their new program and rather than having a large group that receive little attention they are going to focus on the chosen five. In the 10 week program, starting in late May, there will be time dedicated to education with a clinical instructor, time spent shadowing on other units, and a small portion of time shadowing a patient concierge, all aside from time spent with your preceptor. Of the 5 chosen two will go to the ortho/peds floor, 2 will go to med/surg/telemetry, and one will go to ICU. The drawback for me is the 10 week time period. I was hoping to start in early May, as soon as this semester is over, and go all summer.

Other area hospitals had posted their extern positions on their websites already and I've applied for one of them. Aside from the above hospital this is the next closest in relation to where I reside. I don't know many particulars about that program, other than what a second year student who externed there last year has told me. She externed in the ED, and gained invaluable experience. I do know they'll be placing in the ED,family birthing center, stepdown, med/surg and ICU.

There are two other hospitals, further out, but no more than 40 minutes away, where I will also be applying to their externships as well. Don't wanna put all my eggs in one basket!

Speaking of....I just set my first externship interview appointment up...just now!!! It's from the second hospital, and I did ask for some information. Unfortunately it also starts late May, and only runs 8 weeks. Of course, that doesn't mean I can't stay on as PRN!