Thursday, January 10, 2013

apple of my eye

Interestingly enough, my trusty iPhone 4S survived the crash seemingly unscathed.

As the days have gone on little things keep popping up, or off, or well, it just has some sort of weird occurrence. Like just now, I was mid-use and suddenly the screen went black. The Apple appeared and just as soon as it happened it powered up as if I'd powered it down.

I didn't realize until yesterday, or the day before, my trusty Society 6 case had sustained its own injury. Right up at the top, left side it's cracked just to the left of the headphone jack to just above the silencer switch. This is frustrating since I'd just replaced the case in late November. I'll have to figure out something to do with the case, once I replace it, since it is so pretty.

As for the phone itself, it may be time to look into switching to the 5. I haven't been too interested in doing so, since it is different in size, it has different charging accessories and I've been happy with the 4S. Maybe I'll just switch to another 4S. We shall see!