Thursday, July 16, 2009


Kapidex is a new heartburn/GERD/spastic esophagitis drug that the FDA just approved earlier this year. The GI doc wrote a Rx for me to take it and gave me some samples. I sampled one last night and didn't wake up with any abdominal pain as I have been recently (in the middle of the night), along with the lump in throat sensation.

No pain! None! Nada, zilch, zippo!!!!!!!!

Wouldn't ya know it, I don't feel any lumpiness to my throat either.

Ok, yes, it very well could be today is one of the good days as far as lumps go. Yes, one night on a medication is hardly enough to give valid and reliable results.

It's a start, and there is hope!

The best thing about it is, unlike with Nexium, I can take it at bedtime and not have to worry about taking it 20 minutes before a meal.

Now I'm off in my splendor to study for tomorrow's A&P Exam #5. That will be five down one to go. I only have one more quiz as well, and two discussion board posts. They're hefty, but I can manage. The next "forum" is to be about a medical issue that we, or someone we know has experienced, that pertains to subject matter we've studied this semester. We've studied the digestive system, so wouldn't ya know it, I'm doing mine on dysphasia. I have plenty to write about! The last one is to be on our service project. For this we have to spend at least one half day volunteering doing something we plan to do in our career. I have a friend who is a RN, and went on to get her master's in health care administration. She's a case manager, so I'm going to do a ride along with her and see what she does in her work. Then I just have to write up what I experienced, observing Hipaa, of course!

My Nut class ends this week, and the psych class has two more to go after this week.

I'm surviving this summer I dreaded so much!