Friday, May 22, 2009

it's official

I have now received syllabi and greetings for all three of my online classes for this summer. My summer break (which I thought began after finals a couple of weeks ago--ha)will begin around, oh um...August 10th and will promptly end just two short weeks later. It will be glorious. I actually look forward to nursing classes in the Fall, cuz the endeavor I'm about to undertake leaves me feeling like there just might be an undertaker in my very near future. The workload is going to kill me.

Ok, now that I have that off my D-cups...I must mention I don't think I have to take a final exam!! Not in any one of these classes is there a final! Yeehaaw! In my Psych and Nut (from here on out I am not going to refer to Nutrition and Diet Therapy as anything more than Nut....seems somewhat appropriate. It's kind of a play on words wouldn't you say? It could mean that which drives me nuts....or maybe it's talking about nuts, which are actually nutritious. The "Psych" class speaks for itself. Kuh-ray-zee...

Oops, there went that last marble...

Anyway, sorry about the pinging...just a little spazzed out right about now.

The two aforementioned classes have what are either called "modules" (Psych) or "units" (Nut). Within each module/unit there's a crapload of work to accomplish.

Have I mentioned A&PII and everything involved with it? Textbook, study guide, Anatomy and Physiology Revealed CD-Rom, study guide, online classroom labwork, quizzes (7), exams (6)[I have to drive about 30 mins to take them, proctored at the other community college, since that's who I'm taking this class through], and if you really want to you can go to the textbook publisher's website and work some more! I've come to learn that, as the topic of "learning styles" was addressed somewhere in that online classroom, the workload has to do with covering several different learning styles. Some people can read a textbook and learn from that--nope, not me. You then have the study guide to reinforce what you've read/tried to stay awake through. Then you have the CD-Rom and workbook. Being a visual/tactile learner I find it wonderful, as if I've hit the jackpot. It really is cool! It has little videos that cover the info and then you can doing labeling exercises through layers of the cadaver(without the yucky smell of formaldehyde!!) I've also delved into the online lab and it's labeling through dropdown menus, crosswords, all sorts of fun and games. I have yet to do this week's quiz, as I need to do a little more studying.

Now that I've told you all about my wonderful summer I'm feeling a little (minute, eensy, teensy, wee bit) better.

Now I just need a nanny, a maid and a cantina full of wine!

PSA: I had to switch back to moderating my comments since it helps me know when I receive comments.


LivingDeadNurse said...

wow sounds like you have alot on your plate...and no finals? thats awesome!

LivingDeadNurse said...

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