Thursday, June 25, 2009

i've seen better days

weeks even

This week has shaped up to be a rough one as of yet.

Let's start with the highlights:

~AW made it out of the 7th grade. This is wonderful news, albeit it shouldn't be anything out of the ordinary, but when one is unsure if their child will in fact be promoted to the next grade one is happy when it happens.

~Dr. B's office called and left me a voicemail the other day notifying me that I am not menopausal. Great news, but what's up with leaving a message? Isn't that anti-HIPAA? But hey! I'm not menopausal!!

and now I'm drawing a blank

Now the low points:

Monday started out great, until my brother-in-law called. He was calling to get Big B's work phone number because their uncle had passed away the night before. Let's not forget what this past Sunday was...Father's Day. Uncle F had been battling Alzheimer's Disease for several years and had a heart attack amidst his sons and daughters on Sunday, June 21, 2009.

We drove up to NJ Tuesday for the viewing. I was ok until I saw the picture of him and Aunt AM. It's one from back in the day, say about circa 1950. He's in his sailor's uniform, she's all dolled up looking beautiful. The whole Korean War veteran thing got me. We had the military in common, not to mention this man was one of the good ones. Really, he was a devoted husband and father. Sad to see him go.

The funeral was yesterday morning. Afterward they had a brunch at a nearby restaurant and then the guys and I headed back home.

We arrived in time for LB to gather up his baseball gear and head out to the game. Players have to be at home games an hour and a half early. I'm discovering the advantages of him driving. After getting things back in to the house Big B and I headed out to pick up dinner at Subway, and then over to the game. It started out great. LB's been starting Right Fielder for the past several games. He had an off night last night, striking out three times. Actually that was the norm for pretty much everyone. They did get a few hits in but lost 7-5 in the end.

That's another advantage to LB driving,as a matter of fact. When they lose, and/or he doesn't play well he usually ends up grumpy. Well, I didn't have to ride along with him in his grumpiness last night!

Anyway, after dragging AW to all of the games as of late we decided to give him a chance at staying at home by himself again, since he's been behaving somewhat ok, and it's less expensive considering when concession stands are open children tend to think they need to support the local team.

Gave the kid an inch and he took a mile. Let's just say he's ruined his newfound independence and is now relegated to tagging along to this summer's future ballgames.

Seriously, I hate the middle school years. On a serious note, when your child continually does things to try your patience it not only wears your patience down it also wears away at your motherly confidence.

So, in the past 36 hours I've seen a great man's funeral, my eldest son's frustration at playing poorly at baseball (his passion), my youngest's antics as an unruly, near thug-like pre-teen, and oh, yeah, my husband and I have been fighting today!

8 hours til TGIF!

P.S. I am yet again, behind on my studies!